Wa Lolita

Wa Lolita 101

Wa, the dread beast of lolita. This is a relatively new substyle so there is ample room for experimentation. This post will briefly cover each approach to the style, listing known brands/sources and some pros and cons.


Tales of the Traveling Poof: April in Hokkaido! Mt. Moiwa, Asahi Breweries, Fushimi Inari, and Akarenga

April is the month of cherry blossoms in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto, but those prefectures are all part of Honshū, the largest island in Japan. In the northern island of Hokkaido, true spring comes in May, and the climate stays cool all year long. Popular seasons are thus: May (spring), July (lavender blooming season), and February (Sapporo snow festival).

Coordinate Closeup · Lolita Fashion: Education series

Cosplay vs. Lolita – megapost

There is an easy way to tell between cosplay and lolita. If you compliment their costume and they like it, they’re cosplayers. If you get whacked with a novelty bag - they’re lolitas. I’m only kidding. As a general rule, lolitas do not appreciate it when their coordinate is mistaken for a 'costume'. The ideals… Continue reading Cosplay vs. Lolita – megapost

Events and meetups

February mini-meet: Tea at Perry’s

February is one of the busiest times of the year at my workplace. After weeks of constant activity, it's wonderful to be able to relax with friends over tea. However, finding a good place isn't just about the food and drink, but also about the atmosphere and attitude of the staff: which is why Perry's… Continue reading February mini-meet: Tea at Perry’s


Heritage within the heart of the city – Casa Juico

Las Casas de Acuzar in Bataan is marvelous, but it is at least a couple hours' drive from Manila. So I was quite surprised to find that they now have a place within the city- Quezon City, to be exact. This post is part of a series of posts on Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. For the other posts in the series, see A Trip Back in Time (pt.1), Hotel de Oriente (pt.2), and Estero de Binondo (pt.3).