Wa Lolita

Wa Lolita 101

Wa, the dread beast of lolita. This is a relatively new substyle so there is ample room for experimentation. This post will briefly cover each approach to the style, listing known brands/sources and some pros and cons.

Coordinate Closeup · Metamorphosis

ILD coordinate – Julian

For International Lolita Day, I wanted to change it up a little. Over the years, I've worn most of the substyles- including my nemesis Sweet, which is no longer so intimidating to wear. However, ouji is not a style I've been able to indulge in much.

Coordinate Closeup · Review

Coord closeup: The Crimes of Grindelwald

This is a part of a series on Harry Potter fandom, chronicling my long obsession with the franchise. The story didn't end with just the Four Houses of Hogwarts, and so with the age of Fantastic Beasts we journey into dark new territory. Life revolves around change. Everything changes, and our fandoms are no exception.… Continue reading Coord closeup: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Lolita Blog Carnival

Lolita Blog Carnival : Your Most Worn Dress VS Your Least & Why

My wardrobe has grown to accomodate various styles and cuts, but there will always be pieces that get more usage than others. While it's easy to pick out which pieces are favorites if you follow my coordinates on Instagram, in today's post I go into detail as to why they're top picks!

Warning: this post involves 6 dresses, 22 WIPs, and a lot of images. Best viewed on a desktop.

Events and meetups

Post-event: Cosplay Mania 2018 and a super secret convention survival tip

Conventions have been holiday staples in the local scene, but I stopped going to them after I started wearing lolita full-time. This is partly because I decided to keep my hobbies separate, so when I get the inevitable 'do you cosplay?' question, I could truthfully say that I did not.