Wa Lolita

Wa lolita II – Haori & Michiyuki

This week’s Wa post features what I call ‘type 2’ – wa via haori or michiyuki. There’s a huge variety of outerwear for kimono, but those two are the most common.

The haori is worn open at the front, tied very loosely with ties called himoNote that there are different ways of tying the knot! It varies between men’s and women’s clothing (this I learned the hard way- better to do it right the first time)


II-A. Haori

The haori is allowed to drape gently over the base coordinate. To cut down on bagginess, a scarf or sash can be threaded through the holes at the arms (miyatsuguchi) and tied to adjust the fit.

The haori will typically be shorter than a regular jacket at the wrists- perfect for showing off lace cuffs on a blouse, or elastic sleeve flounces.

The next coord features a michiyuki, which is commonly worn as a traveling coat or rain coat over the usual kimono.


II-B. Michiyuki

Unlike the free-hanging haori, a michiyuki is naturally more ‘stiff’ and holds a column shape ideal for layering over a kimono. To help it fit over a poofy lolita skirt (A-line is best) I make two tucks at the back, one on each side just below the shoulder.

Instead of wearing the michiyuki with the front center panel doubled, and all the snaps engaged, I prefer to attach just the snaps at the top center edge.

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