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Lolita Blog Carnival : Plans Derailed! 5 Things In My Wardrobe That Just Didn’t Work

I got into lolita fashion by way of other Jfash- Dolly Kei, Mori, and Gyaru. My foremost sin in those days was trying to cram petticoats under all my skirts in an attempt to get them to work in multiple styles – in the end, I had to admit defeat and started looking more closely at the details on actual lolita skirts and dresses.

I still like to mix it up and wear a variety of styles, and I’ve done one or two odd things to ‘make’ a coord work. Even so, there are some things that just would not fit into my wardrobe, which I’ll be discussing in this post.

snidel_summer JSK

1: Spider HK summer JSK

I bought this from a girl in my local comm. While it is really cute with its floral print and bustle back – oy vey, it falls to midthigh on me.

I wore it for a grand total of 1 time with an underskirt, and the whole time I was thinking how very odd it was to be wearing not two, not three, but four layers in the summer when I could see heatwaves rising outside.

2: Bodyline l585 OPloretta_BL-l585_500

I bought this out of curiosity, as I liked the print but hadn’t tried any OPs from Bodyline at that point. When it arrived, it was actually nice. The M size fits well, and while a bit stiff, the fabric wasn’t uncomfortable even in summer.

So what was the problem?

It was boring. There were only two ways I could change it up, and that was to wear an underskirt or a bolero. Because the sleeves were poofy and stiff, under a bolero they gave me the shoulders of a bodybuilder.

So very flattering… not. I guess I’m just too used to dealing with the quirks of a mostly offbrand wardrobe. I sold it this year, and bought the g1121/l108 skirt in red, which I absolutely love!

grimoire tights3. Printed legwear

Many people have been able to make beautiful coordinates with printed tights.

However, I just can’t figure out how to deal with them. It might be because I wear almost every style and my wardrobe is a mixed bag; or that I just don’t have the variety of hosiery that would allow me flexibility and choice.

For whatever reason, these remain an ‘uncleared’ game boss.


chess-story_le-jardin4: Chess Story, ‘Le Jardin de Versailles’ SK

This is a bit nostalgic for me, as it was from my very first TaoBao order. Thank God I didn’t have a lot of cash to throw around then, or I’d have wasted even more money.

…That sounds negative. Let me explain: in my first order, I bought flashy metallic prints (the other was Infanta’s Powers and Thrones JSK in navy) and accessories. I still use the accessories now, but my tastes have changed a lot from 3 years ago, and red is one color that is very, very rare in my wardrobe.
Also, the gold on red is exceedingly ~fancy~ for regular wear and this makes it difficult to coordinate. I did wear it a few times (tagged) but that was the limit of what I could do with it, and so I sold it this year.



5. Bodyline l596 OP in green

Lastly we have wtf I can’t believe you sold that!111 aka the Bodyline take on Antoinette Fleur.

Honestly, it was a good dress. I liked it a lot- it was comfortable to wear, flattering on the body, photographed well, and it had a pocket in one seam. After I changed out the ribbons, it was amazing how well the light pink satin suited the dress; it was a literal transformation.

So why did you sell it?!?!! QQQQQQ 

I sold it, because it wasn’t versatile for regular wear. It was beautiful, but also very, very fancy; too ornate for everything but the most elegant functions, and I didn’t want to out-poof the bride. It has one look- it can’t be changed much by the addition of an underskirt, and a bolero or jacket wouldn’t suit a split skirt like this.

I really liked it, and I was sorry to see it go. But practicality had to come first- my wardrobe may look haphazard, but every piece in it is something I am sure I can wear in many different ways. Since I wear lolita several times a week, versatility is key.

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