Wa Lolita

Wa Lolita IV – Yukata

While wool and silk kimono are difficult to work with, cotton yukatas are much easier to fold and manipulate. Most of the techniques from the previous post (hakama style, ohashori) will also work for yukata, with much less stress involved.


IV. Wa via Yukata

The kimono is folded into three parts, with the middle part folded under the skirt, and the tail end left outside the skirt. You can pull on the tail to make it longer, but it will probably not be enough to cover the hem of the skirt fully, because of the relative narrow width of the yukata.

With a normal-waisted skirt (not a corset skirt) the elastic waistband will be visible, so this is covered up with an obi.

Cotton holds its shape well without additional padding, so a juban is not necessary. A high-collar subtly emphasizes the v-shaped neckline of the yukata.

Like with the kimono, if you’re practicing on yourself, it will be much easier to put on the petticoat after the blouse and skirt, instead of at the start of the process.


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