Wa Lolita

Wa Lolita V – Komono

So far, we’ve covered all the basic aspects of Wa – by brand, haori, kimono, yukata, and the ties and innerwear that keep everything in place. Today’s is the last post in the basic series – introducing elements of Wa into an ordinary coordinate via accessories.

Komono is not a synonym for kimono. Komono just means ‘small articles’, ‘accessories’, or just ‘stuff’. In the international kimono community, it is used to refer to the bits and accessories that make up a full kimono ensemble.

Belts and obis are fun to work with. They’re easily identifiable as kimono accents, and come in a large range of colors and fabrics. Even the belts that come bundled with ‘tourist’ yukata come in handy, and add a nice touch of color.

The first example of ‘Type V’ on my blog is Hayajiro, but to  keep things fresh I’ll be using a new WIP below.


‘Midosuji’ – this is also grounded in military black.

V. Komono

For this WIP, I took the belt from a ‘tourist’ yukata; the robe I wore in my ‘Yuu‘ coordinate. The ends are hidden at the back of the neck, and the length of the belt is threaded under the jacket flaps at the front and around the side.

The belt in itself doesn’t work for a largely black outfit, so aside from the army green blouse I added a wrap vest with a Japanese- style print with green, yellow and orange in the palette to bring everything together.

That’s it, really. It’s the simplest way to integrate Wa into a coordinate. When working with kimono items it is rare to get the colors to match up perfectly; but it is quite easy to hit on colors in a complementary hue, such as green, yellow, and brown.

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