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Lolita Blog Carnival: Make a Coord Based on a Movie

It’s no secret that I love the Harry Potter series. The love of fantasy runs in my blood, and by the age of ten I’d read and thoroughly enjoyed C.S. Lewis and Tolkien. Fantasy lit a fire in my imagination; I doodled dragons in my notebooks and tried to get the brooms to levitate.

But I digress. The point is, that I have never been able to outgrow my love of fantasy. And so as a fan, I wanted to celebrate Harry’s birthday (and the 20th anniversary of the series) with a coordinate.



Tumblr rundown of the coordinate is here. This coordinate is built on my dream dress, Krad Lanrete’s Mozarabic Chant JSK. The red color way seemed like the perfect starting point for a Gryffindor coord- which is not my House, but I like the aesthetic- and I wanted to draw out the other colors present in the print. The striped tie was from my Dad’s collection. It’s very old now, but I was happy to be able to use it.

The jacket is in fact not a jacket. The inner layer is the offbrand Solo vest I’ve all but worn to bits, and the outer layer is a sheer blouse, worn hanging open. The bottom half is a silk blouse that was too big for anyone to wear as it was; folded over and held in place with a belt, it makes for a nice swishy buttcape.


The final touch is a golden lion head necklace. I bought this for Narnia fandom, but it goes quite well with the rest of the color palette. As a symbol of bravery, it works for both series.

With Ravenclaw and Gryffindor done, I should start thinking of a coordinate for my own House. Maybe sometime soon, depending on my luck. Stay tuned!

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