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Lolita Blog Carnival : Your Top 5 Favorite things that have come out of the fashion

Given the breadth and scope of lolita fashion, it is natural for people to develop a preference for certain styles; perhaps it is much easier for you to dress in one style than another, or there are certain items that appear again and again in your outfits. Today’s LBC post covers my personal favorites over the years.

1. Wigs

1 favorite-things_wigs2

Hands down, wigs are my absolute favorite thing in Lolita. My natural hair is straight and black, cut short for easy maintenance – and it goes with nothing. Most of the time I wear light colors and florals, and a black bob does nothing for the coordinate: it just exists, without adding cohesion or bringing out colors in the print.

1 favorite-things_wigs

I used to dye my hair brown, but I found being stuck with just one colour very limiting. Through a happy accident, I ended up with a couple of wigs to play with; that was the start of the adventure. I love how easy wigs are to put on, and the difference they make in a finished coordinate, as shown above. Even if the color is similar, the style and length affect the look.

2. Underskirts

2 favorite things_underskirts

Underskirts are just a notch below wigs in my book, just because the wigs are more fun to wear. Underskirts are a more practical item, but they are the foundation of my offbrand wardrobe and it might not be possible for me to wear lolita at all, if not for them.

As a tall – ish lolita (5’6 in a country where the average is 5’4) those scant few inches make a major difference when it comes to hemlines. A knee length skirt becomes a mini, and a dress turns into a blouse. An underskirt is a quick fix, without having to sew ruffles to all my skirts.

3. Platform shoes

3 favorite-things_platforms

This ties in with my height problem as mentioned in #2. I don’t want to give up on the lengthening and slimming powers of high heels, as I feel I look stumpy in flats – but then there is the problem of actually having to walk and go places. Platforms are a godsend, being so much more comfortable than regular heels; also they are extremely unlikely to get stuck in the cleats on escalator steps (this is from experience, which fuels my hatred for stilettos)

4. Painting prints

4 favorite-things_painting-prints

In the local community I have something of a reputation as a print-hater; this is unfounded. I actually do love prints very much, it is just that I have a particular preference in prints: I only love painted works. I deeply adore the depth and richness of color and tonality that occurs naturally in painting, as compared to the crisp lines and clean edges of more modern artwork.

Perhaps it is because I have some experience with painting. It’s a bit cliche, but I find a peaceful resonance with works from the old world.

5. Hair accessories

Perhaps more than any other fashion, lolita is about the cohesiveness of the whole: from head to toe, every item is carefully selected to match the rest of the outfit. It is what gives lolita its signature term, coordinate.

5 favorite things_headgear

The head, as the key area of focus, is blessed with a huge array of choices. It would be impossible for me to make a choice between hats or flowers, as evidenced by my overflowing cabinet.

5 favorite-things_headgear-cabinet

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