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Comm meet: Lolita Memoíres vol. II

Last August we held our monthly meet at Le Petit Soufflé in SM Mega Fashion Hall. It’s a quirky place, full of indoor greenery and a penchant for putting their trademark soufflé on nearly everything – even Carbonara!

 Photo by Justine Chantelle

Since the meet was held to launch volume 2 of the photobook, there was no set theme. I wore Wa with an Angelic Pretty JSK, because I was eyeing the Japanese high tea set.

 This is a coordinate that has gone through several revisions on Tumblr: Akari, Akarui. Since it was a meet at a restaurant, this time I could wear things that I’d had to forgo for practical reasons.

I look like I’m accusing the scones of something here, but really I was just chatting with Mayi (left) wondering which item should go first. This is not a food blog, but the tea set was just so adorable!

Since there was no set theme, it’s surprising that several of us showed up dressed in similar styles, like spring brides in pale colours. Justine, in Leur Getter

Des, in offbrand

New member Je Ann and Ayu, both in white and black.

Mayi wore a super cute citrus themed dress from Diamond Honey, which me to dub her ‘Battleship Orange’. The mint blue is so refreshing, and suits her so well!

Kristina, overlord of bows, wore an Alice – inspired coordinate featuring a Bodyline JSK. She is to bows what I am to flowers; a hoarder thanks to that bag I think she had about ten bows all over!

Photo by Justine Chantelle

We also had a guest that day. Val is from the Canadian comm, and spotted us when we had a shoot in Taguig. She came up to us to say she liked our coordinates. Coordinates! It’s like the lolitas’ secret handshake; this person is one of us! She wore a lovely OP from Arcadian Deer.

DSC06556_w Lisa is one of the pillars of Gothic in our comm, so it was such a surprise to see her in Classic. Her JSK is from Infanta, and her hat is from Leomitsu (lmworks on TaoBao).

Photo by Den Takahara

Pau also wore Gothic, in darker blues than I’d yet seen her wear. At one point during the meet, she stood next to Den, who was wearing a black tailcoat and red shirt. Someone suddenly shrieked, ‘Ciel and Sebastian!’ and we all lost it.

And of course – the day would not have been complete without the group shots.


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