Coordinate Closeup

Coordinate Closeup: Kingsman

For fun, I try to make up coordinates to suit the movies I’m particularly excited about. Kingsman: The Golden Circle was great fun to watch, and I thought I’d talk a bit about the details in a blog post.

Wow, that suit is bright-ass orange in the picture. For an inspired coordinate like this, instead of lifting the whole character’s outfit altogether I try to incorporate details I like, such as the detail on Eggsy’s jacket. While my jacket is notched, I layered a black vest underneath to simulate the effect of the peaked lapel.

Regarding the bow tie; I actually do have a legit bow tie in my collection, but as with all things it goes into hiding just as you need it, and I got fed up with searching. The important thing for me was the size and sheen of the material; a matte black would just look very awkward against the silky fabric of the vest and blouse.


A closeup of the sleeve buttons. Eggsy’s has three, and so does mine; but his jacket is bespoke (naturally) with working, ‘kissing’ buttons and mine are spaced buttons, sewn on the outside of the sleeve for decoration.

Jackets aren’t really worn here in the local climate. Even in late September it still climbs to 30°C (86° F) and anyone wearing jackets is to some degree suffering for the sake of fashion. Therefore, instead of rolling the sleeve up like traditional gents I just take the thing off and keep the vest on whenever I need some air.

DSC07084_wOne final touch is the bag. Cambridge satchels had their heyday a few years ago, and while they aren’t as common now, they are as much emblematic of ‘I Am Very English’ as drinking tea.

This isn’t a Cambridge, but the twin buckles and front compartment are a nod to that sort of design. My bags have to have a certain size; I have no use for a bag that can’t fit my necessaries (such as my brick of a phone, my camera, wallet, and makeup)


Lastly; hair accessories. Or in this case, the lack of them. I really did try to find a headpiece, because going without is almost like being naked. However in this case, nothing seemed to suit the look: hats, flowers and fascinators all detracted from the sleek, straight hairstyle. Perhaps if I had a plain satin headband, that might work; but then again it has a schoolgirl connotation, not at all an agent sort of thing.

Even an agent from Kingsman.

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