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Lolita Blog Carnival: 5 difficult things to deal with in lolita

Since this is a post covering negative aspects of the fashion, I decided to add an element of fun to my section titles.

cutestpaw_monkeyMonkey business

The Philippines tends to favor practicality in fashion, followed by current trends influenced by television stars.

Literally anything outside of the jeans and shirt combo or shorts can and does get labeled as cosplay. Matching colors and motifs is so absurd to the average passersby – almost everyone in our comm has heard the label, even in natural hair and mixing in mainstream clothing.

The frustrating thing is people treat you like a fudging zoo animal. People can’t seem to stop themselves from touching hair or clothes. Whenever we have meets, we always have to find seats well-hidden inside the restaurant, or people will come up to gape and point. Once our comm walked with one member to the mall exit to catch a bus, and we were immediately blocked by a pushy woman who wouldn’t let us go until we took a picture with her kids, and got rude when we said we weren’t paid performers and we were in a hurry.

Even something as minor as a parent loudly telling their child, ‘look at the cosplayer!’ gets my beef when it happens every. single. day.

Image from Cutest Paw.

Maria_Spelterini_at_Suspension_BridgeBalancing the rail

I have a lot of stuff. My wardrobe has pieces from a range of styles and colors, and I have enough blouses to dress the rest of the community (though I’m still missing some colors, like red, blue, green, etc…)

What that means, in practical terms, is that there’s a terrific amount of strain on my closet rails. Rather than organize by brand, I have a different system to organize main pieces, skirts and blouses (socks go in hanging scarf organizers)

  1. Is it prone to wrinkles? If not, it is folded and stacked in piles.
  2. If yes – it is sorted by weight and color. Heavy items such as velvet are hung at the end and beside the support hook of the rail, where it is strongest.
  3. Lighter items go in the middle of the rail.
Photo is of Maria Spelterini from Wikipedia.

colonel-tanThis wall clashes with my coord

This is self-explanatory; I have to spend time looking for suitable places to hang out in. If you’re wearing something fancy, a KFC probably won’t be the best background for photos.

It’s difficult to find pretty places without much foot traffic. I’ve never been able to relax with strangers hovering nearby, and photos are the worst; people seem to think that just because someone is taking my picture, means they can just snap away without asking for permission. I get stiff as a board, and that discomfort ruins any picture.

101 shades and none of them match


Self explanatory. I am lucky in that I usually wear Classic, so there is more leeway when it comes to color combinations. Sweet would be a nightmare as barely anything in my wardrobe is the same shade of x color.

Our princess is in another castle

Don’t you hate it when accessories disappear just when you need them? I keep my headgear in a glass fronted cabinet, but my flower collection has grown so much that I need to dig through the pile to find anything.

Blouses are another headache. My wardrobe post helps me keep track of what I have, but locating an item on the rack can be tricky, as I usually have two or three blouses in the same color family on each hanger.

lolita blog carnival

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2 thoughts on “Lolita Blog Carnival: 5 difficult things to deal with in lolita

  1. It’s interesting what you said about where the rail is strongest or weakest. It makes a lot of sense, but I never even considered that when storing my clothes. Just by chance my heaviest things (the coats and garment bags with Lolita inside) are on the opposite ends of the rail, with lighter stuff in the middle, but next time I reorganise my wardrobe I’ll have to keep that in mind.


    1. It’s always surprising how heavy the stuff is whenever I gather up an armful of clothing. Considering that there’s at least 4~5 armfuls per rail (my unscientific unit of measurement) I thought it would be best to avoid trouble!


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