Gobelin, aka the tapestry fabric. I knew that I would be wearing the floral vest on Sunday. Then I had the idea of wearing the vest on Saturday as well. This sounds good in theory, but then the weather forecast predicted rain for that weekend, making my life a bit more complicated.

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The importance of legwear

Putting your best foot forward begins with proper legwear. Matching colors is just the beginning of the adventure - different styles of shoes and hosiery will make a major difference in the overall look, and so it is important that everything comes together.

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Comm meet: Lace Up! PGLC 8th anniversary

October is our comm's anniversary month, and this year we decided to try a larger event, with a program and things instead of just eating like we usually do. Since we had fallen out of making large meets, we decided to set a more 'general' theme, and allowed other j-fash. Our rules were more reminders… Continue reading Comm meet: Lace Up! PGLC 8th anniversary