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Comm meet: Lace Up! PGLC 8th anniversary

October is our comm’s anniversary month, and this year we decided to try a larger event, with a program and things instead of just eating like we usually do.

Since we had fallen out of making large meets, we decided to set a more ‘general’ theme, and allowed other j-fash. Our rules were more reminders that fashion was allowed, but casual cosplay and character lolita cosplays were not.

Over the past few years, I’d acquired the nickname ‘walking flowerbush’. Well, there’s no better time to go for the literal take than October! No one asks questions about all the stuff you buy. It’s such a civilized time of year.

Of course, crazy appears in stages; and there is a toned-down version of this under the greenery. This is what I wore en route, because Manila traffic is quite enough to deal with without an extra handicap.


With just the cape/blouse, it’s actually quite normal. My inspiration came from Ye Olde Knights with their half-capes and parti-colored hose. I actually wanted to make some medieval headgear to go with it, but there was some difficulty finding just the right shade in the right material (wool, felt, velvet) and in the end I piled more flowers on and called it a day.

This print was lots of fun to coordinate, and the best part was finding ways to fasten everything in place. This dress comes without waist ties, and at first I simply draped my pseudo-cape over my shoulders. I found some waist ties that sort-of-matched, and gave myself a waistline; but then the tails stuck out in behind, which was annoying.

And then, I had the idea of tucking the tail of the cape under the waist ties. Simple solution, but it makes a world of difference.

These are just a few of the photos (there were too many to upload anywhere but on Facebook)

If anything, our comm is made up of stubborn people. That weekend we had a storm that ground traffic to a halt and all but stranded some; but the attendees traveled for hours to go to the event anyway! Can’t stop the love of frills.

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2 thoughts on “Comm meet: Lace Up! PGLC 8th anniversary

    1. I’m glad you liked it! It is weird, but then it’s October! I think if I was to do something similar I’d spend more time looking for greenery closer in color to the print. In photos it looks much brighter than I thought.


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