This is part of a new series on the blog called ‘Metamorphosis’, focusing on one main piece worn in different ways.


Gobelin, aka the tapestry fabric. I knew that I would be wearing the floral vest on Sunday. Then I had the idea of wearing the vest on Saturday as well. This sounds good in theory (after all, outerwear doesn’t get very dirty) but then the weather forecast predicted rain for that weekend, which made my life a bit more complicated.



  • gobelin vest – offbrand, ju’s
  • blouse – offbrand
  • jacket – offbrand
  • pants – offbrand, Bess
  • flower brooch, bracelets – Landmark
  • pearl chain – ToxicKitty
  • huge fabric cabbage – apostrophe
  • ribbon brooch – offbrand



Here is a coordinate from the blue/teal in the pattern. The spark of inspiration came from the flower brooch; it’s a cluster of peach, pale green and brown sprigs, with a splash of color from the ridiculously bright feathers. For a long time, I thought it would never go with anything.

As it turns out, it makes absurd combinations possible.

I wasn’t quite up to putting the flower/cabbage on my head, and the bracelets fit my wrists and not my forearms; but I managed to tick off all my requirements for this coordinate, namely:

  • Wear the floral vest
  • The movie we’d be watching was Victoria & Abdul, so some Victorian inspiration was necessary
  • Final coordinate must be easy to move in, as I had several errands to run
  • Must be water resistant
  • Should be ‘normal’ enough for walking on the street
  • Must be able to remove outer layers without looking bloody weird


  • gobelin vest – offbrand, ju’s
  • blouse – Bodyline l523
  • corset skirt – Bodyline l325
  • tights – Taobao
  • shoes – Antaina
  • tapestry bag – vintage
  • mini tricorn – ToxicKitty
  • bracelets – Landmark



Pink is one of the most prominent colors in the design, so it was a good chance to get some wear out of this Bodyline blouse. Gobelin is something of an old-school material; Metamorphose loves it and still puts out gobelin lace monsters from time to time. Shirred sleeves, aka the Michelin Man style, were also quite popular back in the olden days of lolita.

 This coordinate features two hats: the mini tricorn floating above my head like a tiny UFO is from ToxicKitty. Awhile back, I was forced to accept that no one had any hats sized to fit my big head, and so I made my own. This cartwheel hat is one of the early prototypes.


  • gobelin vest – offbrand, ju’s
  • blouse – Bodyline l370
  • gobelin belt – offbrand
  • corset skirt – Bodyline l353
  • tights – Leg Love
  • boots – modified H&M
  • hat – Foxcherry
  • choker – ToxicKitty



How did this come about? If I remember correctly, I just wanted to wear the boots that day. Things just happened.

That blouse has enough buttons for two or three other blouses. Whenever I wear it, I remember why it doesn’t get much use. PH lolitas swear by cotton for blouses, but it has to be thin cotton, preferably a loose and airy blend which won’t cling much. This blouse is thick, and those (princess sleeves? petti-on-a-sleeve?) flip upside down if you walk too quickly.

Nevertheless, it is kind of fun to be wearing something so dramatic.

This coordinate also went through changes from its WIP, although in this case it was partly an accident. I have two gobelin belts: the brown one went missing in action one day, so I had to use the black one. The coordinate could have worked without the belts, but I liked how they give a ‘Western cowboy’ aspect to the hat.


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