Coordinate Closeup

Houses of Hogwarts: Hufflepuff

This is a part of a series on Harry Potter fandom, chronicling my long obsession with the franchise. I have always wanted to create coordinates for each of the four Houses, and this series will cover the details and inspiration behind them.

Hufflepuff is the most difficult House to coordinate. This is partly because yellow is such a rare color in lolita. It is generally only seen in Sweet, and since my HP coordinates are built on black pieces, light colors just wouldn’t work.

  • long skirt (folded) – vintage, I bought it for Dolly Kei ages ago.
  • paisley cravat – vintage
  • vest – offbrand, BCVOGA
  • blouse – offbrand
  • jacket – offbrand
  • flowers – Landmark (comb) and Foxcherry (brown brooch)
  • black flowers – KIRAKIRA headband, separated
  • chili necklace – offbrand

I was discussing an old release with friends from my comm, sulking about how impossible yellow was to find in painting prints, then it hit me: yellow/brown tones are fairly common in Dolly Kei, and I already had a print that would work for Hufflepuff.

The jacket is the same one I wore in my Hayajiro coordinate, with one minor modification:DSC07666_comp.jpg

I felt the bottom lace frill was a bit too much. The printed skirt is plenty busy already, and the extra frill threw off the balance of the whole thing. So I folded it up out of sight, and basted it in place.

I wanted to add some interest to the waist area, so the chili necklace is a nod toward the Powerpuff Hufflepuff aspect of Herbology. This is also why there’s more flowers on this coordinate than the others.


What does this skirt actually look like? In its base form, it’s just an ordinary long skirt. On me, it falls to around calf level. It’s ordinary cotton so it’s light and breezy.


While it worked for my coordinate, not every skirt can be folded in half and worn with lolita. In the stock photo, it shows how much fabric is actually in the skirt. Most skirts nowadays are made with much less fabric, or materials unsuitable for the fold-over technique. So it might work, but then again it might not.

You lose nothing by trying it out, anyway!



Coming up next: meetup post with lots of pictures!

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