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Comm meet: All them Witches

After Lace Up! in October, we decided to have regular planning sessions to distribute the workload and ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. Rallying the troops, Monique suggested Amor Bakery in Katipunan for the meetup. Upon seeing the pictures, several of us piped up, ‘we have to make it a themed meet!’ and one thing led to another…

We made it a generally witchy theme to tack onto the tail-end of October, but we did not expect three people to turn up in Hufflepuff colors. With the decor and wall art, it was an especially perfect fit for the badger house.

This coordinate already has a separate post to itself [Olga] discussing details. The night before the meet, several things went missing at once (the cravat, my mustard socks) and despite turfing out half my closet, only the cravat turned up. Maybe it was a good thing. The mustard color might have blended right into the woodwork, turning me into a hoverloli.

True to form, Kristina wore her House colors with her usual flair. On the front of the hat, there are dragonflies: around the brim there are flowers, gold chains, and an array of bows. There were so many Hufflepuff details, right down to her rings; though she’d  changed her pin from the last meet, and it now had the correct spelling on it. I kind of missed the Hufflepuee.

Ger’s coordinate was a surprise. Since the Philippines is so warm, he doesn’t wear layers very often. But the air-con at Amor was great! The patch on his coat is the same one from Lace Up!, and it was fun to see it get more use.

Justine wore a coordinate inspired by Kiki and Jiji, from the Ghibli film Kiki’s Delivery Service! A classic. We spent a lot of time in discussion however, and by the time we started taking pictures it had grown pretty dark. Jiji seems to blend into the background here!

Mayi wore a JSK from axes femme. I usually see her in lighter earth tones, but the rich burgundy suited her very well! The blouse and shoes are offbrand, and the flowers were her own addition. Everything goes together beautifully.

Pau wore a cat print JSK. Actually she wore cats all over- even her tights had little cat constellations! My Ravenclaw coordinates are usually quite formal so it was fun to see touches of whimsy even with a black base.

Group shot, and the only snap I had of Monique. She works so hard (。・д・)ノ゙ while the rest of us would get up from time to time for food or pics, she was focused the whole meet.

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