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Traveling in Lolita: Fall in Tokyo and Osaka


Here is the start of another mini-series of posts on this blog! I’ll be writing about my recent quick trip to Tokyo and Osaka. The posts are written from the perspective of someone who lives in 32°C weather, so I will be putting much more emphasis on layering and packing for bear than someone from temperate climates.

For one week of travel with a different coordinate every day, and two wildcards (a trip to USJ and a toned-down coordinate for worship services)

  • 1 dress (an Angelic Pretty JSK)
  • 4 skirts (the two wildcard coords’ skirts were specific and were not worn again, except when layering for warmth)
  • 1 winter cape (pink, offbrand)
  • 2 haori jackets
  • 3 kimono
  • 6 blouses (the USJ coord had 2 blouses: 1 was short-sleeved and intended for layering, another went over it for warmth)
  • 3 UNIQLO extra warm heat-tech undershirts
  • 3 pairs of boots (brown Bodyline, black H&M ankle boots, white offbrand knee boots; couldn’t leave a pair off without ruining the color balance)
  • 2 pairs of gloves (knit white wool, black leather)
  • 4 pairs of socks
  • 2 bags (ahcahcum muchacha and offbrand yellow suede)
  • 4 hats (red bonnet, white knit cap, brown wool cap, black beret)
  • 3 wigs
  • bunch of other things- belts, obis, flowers, etc.


I feel that there needs to be some sort of explanation about the boots. There had to be a compromise between cuteness and comfort – I’ve tried the former and one thing nobody ever mentions about traveling in Japan is the COBBLESTONES. 17,000 steps later, when you’re all but crawling from one bench to another in Arashiyama or DisneySea, halfway willing to cut off your own foot if it would ease the pain, the issue of cuteness goes out the window.

Or almost out the window. I haven’t been to the point of wearing Reeboks with lolita, and given a choice I would try to find a way to wrangle a compromise. But seriously- bring the most comfortable shoes you can find to suit your coordinates. Boots are good because they give support, and don’t clash so badly that you’d have to crop your feet out of every photo.

Common sense (aka: learn from my mistakes)

Almost all of these coordinates feature at least one item with metallic thread. When going to the airport please wear the coordinate that will not set off absolutely every metal detector you encounter. Also I wear wigs a lot, but I believe it’s better not to wear a differently colored one when going through immigration, as the officer will probably have to scrutinize your passport for several more seconds.

I save my transformation for after I’ve cleared immigration.


Next up: Day One, Shinjuku and Ebisu!

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