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International Lolita Day (Winter) – at Karen’s Kitchen

Even if we never get snow over here, my comm still tries to bring out the holiday cheer for Winter ILD. Of course this takes some improvisation; you can't just wear fur in 34° weather, and not pass out... Karen's Kitchen is a new place that made some buzz after online articles. When one of the… Continue reading International Lolita Day (Winter) – at Karen’s Kitchen

Lolita Blog Carnival

Lolita Blog Carnival: What Are 6 Things You Would Tell A Beginner Not To Do Or Avoid

Lolita fashion, for all its limitations, has a dizzying variety of styles and themes. While I believe that rules are meant as 'guidelines' more than actual rules, there is a reason why we have the saying, 'you need to walk before you can run' - and there are some things I wish I had been told, as a beginner.