Coordinate Closeup

Houses of Hogwarts: Slytherin

This is a part of a series on Harry Potter fandom, chronicling my long obsession with the franchise. I have always wanted to create coordinates for each of the four Houses, and this series will cover the details and inspiration behind them.

Despite producing several coordinates for Ravenclaw and Gryffindor, neither is my house; I’m a Slytherin. But green is a rather uncommon color in lolita, and the only HP-appropriate releases I knew of were both book prints with a limited color palette. I was just about resigned to never having green in my wardrobe.

And then, Souffle Song released Clock Fairy.

Be warned, this post has lots of pictures!


  • skirt – Souffle Song, ‘Clock Fairy’ high waist skirt in blue-green
  • blouse- offbrand
  • vest – Zara
  • fringed suede vest – H&M
  • tie – vintage
  • jacket – ESCADA
  • flowers – Landmark (green feather brooch) and apostrophe (green+red brooch)
  • hat – handmade
  • pearl chain – ToxicKitty

This year, I found out I actually love prints- it’s just that my tastes are very specific. To be exact, I love painting prints with a broad color palette. I adore the depth of color in paintings, and they are much easier to coordinate than more flat artwork.

Since our impromptu trip included a day at USJ, it was the perfect place to wear this coordinate. The only problem was it needed to be updated for the weather, as night-time temperatures were around 7°C by the Black Lake. That meant a coat, and swapping silk for velveteen. Indoors it’s usually heated, so I made the coordinate with the idea of shedding layers as necessary.

This is a little bit complicated to explain, so I made a GIF that shows the coord at various ‘stages’ of layering:


The outer coat was black suede and fake fur. It only ever matched this coordinate, and wouldn’t you know, I forgot to pack it by accident. Probably a good thing, as my suitcase was absolutely packed solid on the trip home despite being underweight. Winter things are hella bulky.

And I might have bought a few things on the trip.

  • brown blouse- offbrand
  • black long-sleeved blouse- Marc Jacobs
  • tie – vintage
  • vest – Solo
  • fur collar- repurposed fur miniskirt
  • flowers – Landmark
  • coat – offbrand

The brown/gold blouse is velveteen, and so is the black blouse. Underneath everything is thermal innerwear from UNIQLO’s Heat-Tech Extra Warm line. Even without a coat, I survived most of the day without freezing- though by nighttime I had to sit next to the  heater to keep from shivering.



What does it look like when worn? See here for my post: Visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at USJ

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