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International Lolita Day (Winter) – at Karen’s Kitchen

Even if we never get snow over here, my comm still tries to bring out the holiday cheer for Winter ILD. Of course this takes some improvisation; you can’t just wear fur in 34° weather, and not pass out…


Karen’s Kitchen is a new place that made some buzz after online articles. When one of the comm girls posted a link in our group, there was an immediate chorus of ‘it’s so cute!!’

I mean, everything was cute. Even the light fixtures were made of actual teacups.

Last year our winter ILD was very white-centric; but after seeing the decor in the place, it’s as if there was an unspoken pact to wear red!

We’ve never gone with just one color, however. Other girls wore winter blues and grays!

Last but not the least, our elegant ladies in black. Lisa pulls off this dress in several styles, it’s always interesting to see. And we had a new member join us, this was Kat’s first meet!

For once, I was not wearing Classic or Wa, but Sweet! This looks very simple, but is possibly the most difficult coordinate I’ve ever put together. For days I had it on the mannequin and nothing I ever did worked, until I remembered I had a pair of striped socks lying around that might just do the trick.

To me Sweet is just really, really hard. It doesn’t help that I have one, maybe two accessories that are meant for Sweet. I could roll around in my closet and come out in Classic, but Sweet is like pushing a wall to enter Platform 9 ¾. Moving on…

Nobody was harmed in taking these pictures- well, except the cake, which was sliced apart and devoured.


Obligatory derpy shot!


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One thought on “International Lolita Day (Winter) – at Karen’s Kitchen

  1. How did you come to own such a Sweet dress? I like what you’ve done with it, it’s giving me a lovely French vibe (you’re only missing a baguette :P) and I can imagine how hard it must’ve been to put something together when it’s not your main style.
    That cafe looks so adorable and having read the other post about the meet, I’d love to try it out!


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