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Comm meet: Antique Fairy Tales

This 2018 my comm started a series of activities to raise funds for our big anniversary meet in October. For January, we had a photoshoot meet themed around fairy tales. There were three photographers and nine participants, with Monique and Justine in charge of organization and B-roll photos.

Photo by

For the shoot I wore my Domenica coord [Tumblr], with the Bodyline painting print JSK. I took a stab at darker makeup looks, and the result was that I became the accidental Evil Queenᵀᴹ of the shoot.


Photo by @tagagloria

It’s hilarious just how dramatic it is. Just looking off to the side translates in photos to ‘evil brooding’. We took advantage of the wonderful surroundings and had great fun taking both serious and wacky shots. Despite the general Classic theme, my comm has very clearly defined individual styles.

Photos by @tagagloria

Den and Ayu (left) took their inspiration from Snow White, with a bit of a Mad Hatter touch. Their accessories (top hat and bonnet) were made by Franz (Fancy Moi) from our comm! Kristina in the center is wearing Classic with her signature dozen bows, and Tiffany (right) is wearing a coordinate styled by Justine: a Jane Marple dress with a Dorotee Sweetlips underskirt.

Photo by

We had way too much fun with those plastic apples.

Photos by

Lisa (left) wore Infanta’s Cinderella print, and Maria (right) wore a gothic/ero coord styled by Justine. Lisa pulls so many coordinates from that sash, it’s really interesting to see how she makes it work with multiple styles.

Photos by

Mayi wore a breathtaking print from Triple Fortune- much more gothic than I’d seen her wear before, but still in her signature orange! I don’t know whose idea the cauldron shot was, but it turned out fantastic (and hilarious)

Photos by

Pau wore BTSSB’s Giustina JSK. The texture of the fabric is lovely in person. After some online back-and-forth we voted on the bonnet instead of a mini crown, but it still looks very regal to me instead of straight Classic~

Photos by Ayu of YU-EN Cosplay

Later in the afternoon, the lighting changed. Shooting on the same stairs as everyone else, I ended up with dramatic, somehow tres evil pictures… it’s funny how much difference light makes.

Speaking of light, here’s a comparison between a behind-the-scenes photo, and the finished shot. Professional photographers pull off some amazing things.

IMG_7594_lolAnd of course, our meets wouldn’t be complete without the group photo! <3 Thank you so much Justine and Monique for making this shoot possible.



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