Coordinate Closeup

The Journey of Suitsu

As mentioned in my post on our Dessert Museum meet, Sweet is my nemesis. Even after I’d decided to wear the Seiko Matsuda furisode, it was nigh impossible to coordinate it in a Sweet way when I had nothing in my closet but flowers.

To put it one way, it is like trying to make a pie out of peppers.

Examining the print yields the following color palette:


I am not up to the level of pinning giant strawberries to my head a la Kristina, so instead I attempted to match the colors with a skirt I had. I also wanted a bit more volume in my hair, so I tried a giant green fabric flower.


The first attempt was just awful. Some people make pink-hair-on-pink work, but in here it just clashes horribly. The skirt is OK in color, and pleats are something I’d usually recommend for Wa, but particular skirt is way too short and swishy for me to wear with lolita.

I’d already done a coordinate with the pink Little Dipper skirt in my collection, and it didn’t suit the kimono that well. With skirts out of the picture, I examined the rest of my wardrobe. Color-wise, the blue Bodyline OP (l087) I’d tea-dyed seemed like a good candidate, but there was the possibility that the puffy sleeves would add unwanted bulk to the shoulders. There were no better options, however, so I gave it a try.

The dress is not an exact match for the color on the kimono, but it was close enough for me. That done, I tackled the hair color next. Pink on pink does not work here: maybe a flaxen blonde would suit the look?


Much better! At this point I showed the WIP to some friends, and they made several suggestions. Sometimes it takes a pair of fresh eyes to spot mistakes, and that was the case here. I decided to switch out the hair accessories for lighter colors, and find new accessories for the collar area. This resulted in several variations:

After posting it and getting another round of feedback, I finally settled on this:


The leg warmers (yes, leg warmers) are from Osh Kosh. I passed the kids’ section on my way to buy ribbon for an unrelated project, and spotted these. From past experience with this furisode, my usual sleeve flounces will not work with it, as they lack the volume to balance the extra-wide hanging sleeves (振袖, ‘swinging sleeves’) the leg warmers made up for the lack of length. After all, this robe was made for children…

Shoes and socks were the last element to consider. Personally, I don’t think tea parties or bow platforms work for Wa. Tea parties lack the visual weight to balance everything you have going on up top, and bow platforms seem way too modern, even for a coordinate bursting with color like this.

People wear boots with modern hakama, but the only boots I had in the right color were either too modern in silhouette or too damn hot (knee-length, and lined in fur: combined with thick socks, absolutely mad). Bear in mind that this was to take place as summer was approaching (around 32°C outside)

RHS would have been good, but mine are just a bit too small, and we would have to spend at least two hours standing or walking around.

I decided to wear the same Melissa jelly platforms as in my previous coordinate: Ichigo.


Meet post is here: A Sweet Meet at the Dessert Museum

To see how the coordinate was built up layer by layer, please see Wa Lolita VI: Kimono + dress

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