Wa Lolita

Wa Lolita VI – Kimono + dress

I thought I was done with the Wa series, but there are always new challenges in store. This time, the unusual color palette of a furisode pushed me to make a coordinate with an OP instead of a skirt.

I imagine the same process would apply for a JSK.


VI. Wa via Kimono + dress

With no waistband to tuck the hem of the kimono, the process is a bit different.

The excess length is pulled up and secured higher up, right under the chest instead of at the natural  waist. Since this OP has waist ties, they were pulled through the miyatsukuchi, the slits at the underarm of women’s kimono. The waist ties are then used to secure the fold at the natural waist. This will be hidden under the obi.

Since this is non-traditional and my body shape is rather flat to begin with, I don’t use padding to make the kimono lie flat. But if you are naturally curvy, padding your waist and collarbones will help straighten out the overall shape.

Here is a GIF to help illustrate the ‘flow’ of how each layer is put on.




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