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Exploring the Okada

This Monday, we took advantage of the holiday to have lunch and visit several spots in Pasay. The area known as Entertainment City features huge, lavish integrated resorts. Normally it’s a 2 or 3-hour slog on EDSA, but long weekends are amazing: we got there in a little over an hour.

To skip ahead to my coordinate details: click here.

As a nod to the name of the establishment, I decided to wear Wa. It turned out to be a near perfect match for the minty green and pink prominently featured in their interiors, particularly the Crystal Corridor near the fountain.

The place is enormous. We were there to see the fountain, but shows start at 6pm so there was ample time to wander around. We parked in this area, so we started from the Crystal Corridor.

I have to admit, part of my motivation for wandering outside my usual sphere is looking for fresh restaurants. Most of the places were new to me- as expected, Okada focuses more on the fine dining aspect. For those who just want to relax, the ubiquitous trio of  Starbucks, Chatime, and Pepper Lunch are here too.

This part of the Crystal Corridor has two restaurants – on the green side is Medley, an international buffet. Across from it is La Piazza, an Italian restaurant with separate sections for fine dining and casual fare. Both look interesting, for the next time we visit. At the time I was still struggling to digest our lunch at Bijin Nabe (which I do not recommend unless you have a large party: one serving is good for at least two people, no matter what they say)

Some sections were still very new, and the units were vacant; most of the tenants are in the Crystal Corridor. However there is still quite a bit to see, as there is artwork on the walls, and everything is designed to suit the elegance of the building itself. Even the ‘wet floor’ sign is in gold!

We eventually found another lobby, which seems currently unused:


This is right behind one of the casino rooms, so it smells a bit smoky. But look at that gorgeous mosaic on the wall, and the carpet!


There was another empty counter that wasn’t roped off. We took that as a hint. Ahem.

On the right side of the huge mosaic is the Okada’s Museum of Art, which is not yet open to the public. There are also some swanky purple chairs, if you want to sit while you puzzle out where to go next.

The hall also leads into the kids’ entertainment room, but we opted to backtrack and visit the main lobby instead.

The main lobby is absolutely palatial in scale, and there’s so much pink everywhere! I had to crop some of the photos because there were lots of people milling around and I didn’t want to be mistaken for staff ;;

By this time, it was just about an hour before the show. We spent the rest of the time in TWG, which is conveniently located right across from the entrance to the fountain.


As for the show, I did my best to record the experience. I got a bit of spray that made my camera lose focus for a few seconds, but the people in the first row took most of it. Never stand in the first row at water shows!

I can’t embed video here, but here is the link on Facebook:

The choice of music was a little more racy than I’d expected (I’m assuming the kids enjoying the spectacle missed it) but it was still a breathtaking show, and an enjoyable day out.

Coordinate breakdown:

(WIP, later modified)

  • polyester nibushiki bought from local kimono sales
  • vintage tsuke obi
  • underskirt – Little Dipper
  • blouse – Bodyline l523
  • cartwheel hat – handmade by me
  • flowers – brooch is from Landmark, flower crown (on hat) is from ToxicKitty
  • offbrand floral print scarf


  • shoes – Michaela (local!)
  • souffle shaped bag – offbrand
  • tights – Bodyline


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