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Coordinate Closeup: Mana

This Bodyline skirt is an adventurer. It passed from Kristina to Mayi, then fell into my hands and was coordinated that same day. Even though I wear a wide range of styles, florals and paintings are the motifs I come back to again and again.


These days I’ve been at war with myself. While my new job doesn’t have really strict rules regarding office attire, I did my best to tone things down somewhat, wearing offbrand with natural hair colors and simpler prints and florals.

However when people immediately assume what I am wearing is ‘cosplay’, it gets frustrating. And yesterday when my aunt idly asked ‘do you wear your costumes every day?‘ that was nearly too much.


The comm has had to deal with such remarks and skepticism for years, but sometimes there are moments when I ask myself if it’s worth it: the discomfort, body image issues, toxicity, and harrassment I’ve endured from people on the street because of what I wear.

DSC01044_wAnd the answer?

I still do love it. I love it despite its shortcomings. To me, there is joy in every step of the process of coordination: the initial idea, building on a base, refining the small details that are a playful hint about what I will be doing that day, and how I feel about it.

Even if my outfits aren’t always successful, the process of coordination is soothing in itself. Wearing a style that I love drives my creativity at work, it motivates me to experiment more instead of settling for something passable.

And that’s enough reason to keep going.

DSC01036_wCoordinate breakdown

  • skirt – Bodyline g1122
  • blouse, shoes – offbrand
  • choker – Forever21 + church pin
  • tights – offbrand
  • flower brooch – Landmark

worn coord:

  • underskirt – Bodyline l353



I’m just so fond of this print that I had to get it in both color ways. This was taken the same  day I received the skirt in black.

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