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Comm meet: Little Tokyo

I think almost every country has a Little Tokyo. In the Philippines, one such place is in Makati. Kat suggested that we have dinner at a popular restaurant called Kikufuji, and everyone jumped at the chance to do a Wa themed meet!

Since it was a hot day then (34°C) most of us opted for classic base coordinates. The wa elements were items we could layer over our regular stuff for photos. Sounds like a cheat, but you gotta do what you have to do to not suffocate.

Camille (@camellianoir) wore a lovely Bodyline JSK with a kimono-inspired robe from H&M. I loved the tassels she added to it, they’re so cute!

She also had a woven belt, and a flower brooch/clip from Fancy Moi! The large peony is balanced by an adorable sprig of lavender and a small orange rose.


Kristina (@kris_abaya) on the other hand, went all-out with a wa-lolita set from Bodyline. The black check and strawberries are a surprisingly cheery combo! She didn’t use the obi that comes with it (BL’s wa sets have pretty bad obis) and instead used a heko (soft) obi from her own collection.

Kris’ coordinate is full of little details. There’s a row of small red bows going down the front of her kimono, and on her obi there’s a pair of pink kanzashi, a bow necklace, and a tiny plush Jewelpet. Even her bag features a strawberry print!

And of course her headgear is no slouch. I can’t even count how many bows and flowers were on her head that day.

DSC01097_wI wore a maroon haori over a velour-and-chiffon OP, a sheer silk blouse, and a long velvety skirt with a textured frill. I also added a cameo brooch, and a necklace from Mayi.

It seems like a lot of layers, but since the fabrics next to my skin were light and airy, it was very comfortable: at least, until I put on the haori. It is definitely an autumn/winter piece.

There was an actual fire roaring inside that restaurant. Probably a controlled one, but we did freak out a little bit to see it.

Ludee (coord photo from @lewdiecb) wore a corset skirt from Bodyline! This is l353 in the pink colorway. The comm now owns all the colorways of this skirt >D The hat and michiyuki are from Franz’s collection, borrowed for this meet. It’s a shame she couldn’t come with us that day, but she was still with us in spirit!

Kat (left photo is from @kirakirakat) wore an light cotton OP in navy, with one of my haori jackets. Color-wise, I think it was a perfect match! We had a derp moment with one of the posts. I think the heat got to us, haha.

Mayi (@mayipuffs) wore a black-based classic coord, borrowing the michiyuki from Ludee. She said it was like entering a sauna! I guess we’ve just grown used to a certain degree of discomfort (tiis-ganda) but the michiyuki went quite well with the flowers on her skirt.

Lastly, it wouldn’t be a comm meet without at least one ridiculous picture. I’ll leave you with these:


2 thoughts on “Comm meet: Little Tokyo

  1. This looks so cool and inspiring! It’s great how your comm could do a Wa-themed meet between yourselves. I feel like in Europe people are a bit wary of Wa Lolita (one because most people only *really* understand how to do it with a Wa print and two – because there’s always that worry of being accused of cultural appropriation), but all your outfits are so on theme without seeming overloaded.


    1. Oh no, is it really so intense over there that something as innocent as wearing a kimono or a haori is seen as appropriation? I thought it was more of an online problem, but encountering someone like that face to face would be unnerving.

      Here most people categorize us as cosplayers: which is irritating, but it is not seen as something harmful by the general public, just weeby.

      Since we spent half the afternoon wandering the stores, our coords were made with that in mind (except for Kris, who is always fabulous) I kept our haoris in a bag until we arrived in Little Tokyo proper. It feels a bit like cheating, but it helps minimize heckling from people on the street. I’m glad you liked our coords, I wish you could also find a place where you could wear your kimono items freely! Perhaps a restaurant?


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