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Comm meet: International Museum Day and Erwin Wurm

Last Sunday, we went to the Ayala Museum for International Museum Day (May 20). The museum features modern works – after some general waffling we settled on a general theme of ‘art’.

Even so I was stumped, until I had the epiphany that punk is part of the modern artistic movement.

If the ordinary person is made up of about 60% water, lolitas are 60% bubble tea:

amanda jean_lolita humor
from Amanda Jean’s post in Lolita Humor

The museum was packed that afternoon, so we walked a couple of blocks to Dakasi for bubble tea and air-conditioning. Through a fun coincidence, we ordered drinks that (mostly) went with our coords:

Ludee was the host of this meet, as a regular volunteer at the museum. Comfort was key! She wore Metamorphose‘s Sweet Poker skirt in a coordinate was loosely inspired by Van Gogh; instead of an ear bandage, she wore a small white headdress. She also wore boots I found during our last shopping meet, they’re just her size and super comfy!

Now, punk is not a substyle I have much experience in. It is true however, that wearing something different from your usual clothes changes the way you move and act.

I wore Alice and the Pirates‘ Hide and Seek with Missin’ Alice JSK, with Bodyline‘s l353 as an underskirt, and an offbrand green blouse worn over the dress. Mayi took my shots, and afterwards said ‘it looks like you’re lying in wait for somebody’ (parang may tatambangan ka) and I can’t deny that. It does look like I’m about to beat somebody up…

Maybe someday #thuglita will be a thing.

Mayi wore her Triple Fortune skirt as an underskirt, simply adding a few inches of length to a short snidel dress. Another super comfy coordinate! It was pretty hot that day.

Kristina turned up in full-length Classic with just two bows(!).  This skirt is offbrand, but the print is beautifully crisp, and super vibrant. We stayed a bit longer to snap a picture of her under the streetlights – the yellow lighting is the exact same shade as in the print.


Back at the museum, the featured exhibit was Erwin Wurm’s One Minute Sculptures. Each work features certain props, and invites the viewer to interact with them. There was a little note on each platform with examples on how to pose.

We did some cute poses:

And then things got a little crazy…

…highlighted by the manifestation of Godzilla from a couple of plastic buckets:

The museum was running a contest in partnership with Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 8 line of instant cameras. The idea was to have one of the museum staff take an Instax photo of you interacting with the exhibit.

After flapping the little bits of paper around, we ended up with these:

(It’s a sign of how hungry I was at this point to take blurry pictures on my phone instead of my camera, but the museum guard took some pretty good shots. The man has a sense of composition!)

We capped off the visit with our traditional shoe summoning circle.


International Museum Day went by in a flash! Depending on the kind of friends you have, one afternoon might not be enough to explore the whole building. We’ll definitely come back!

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