Lolita Blog Carnival

Lolita Blog Carnival : Name 1 Trend You Really Love(d) & 1 You Don’t Really Care For

Lolita goes through cycles over time; the big three styles (Gothic, Classic, and Sweet) all had their eras of peak popularity. Fans of old-school treasure their pieces from the early 2000’s. But every fashion has its trends, and lolita is no exception to that.

Trend you really Loved


Art-lolita is a term that appeared in 2014, after the event put on by Brilliant Kingdom (the musical duo of Babi and Kaie, the designers of Triple Fortune). More info: Style Arena | Fyeahlolita

While the term never really caught on in the international scene, some lolitas did pick up on the idea of combining prints and fabrics in an over-the-top manner. It hasn’t gathered enough followers to become a full-fledged substyle like ‘Gothic’ or ‘Sweet’, or even a strong theme like ‘Sailor’, but it appears from time to time, and I love how all the contrasting elements come together as a vivid whole.


Trend you didn’t really care for


UTKs, or under-the-knee socks, are something I can’t bring myself to wear. They’re a staple of old-school lolita and look great on some people. However, I really prefer the over-the-knee kind, as I feel short socks make me look stumpy! I will wear shorter socks sometimes, but with longer length dresses.

lolita blog carnival

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2 thoughts on “Lolita Blog Carnival : Name 1 Trend You Really Love(d) & 1 You Don’t Really Care For

  1. I couldn’t agree more on UTKs! It’s cute in oldschool lolita, but I couldn’t bring myself to wear them because I feel like they optically shorten the leg. And without meaning to sound vain, I like my calves and feel like they’re a good feature of mine, so I don’t want to make them appear shorter or wider, if anything, I want to lengthen them even more and a clear-cut border between the sock and the knee doesn’t do that. Besides, in anything else but oldschool they can look a little bit, hmm, childish and school uniform-like, for lack of a better term, and that’s not a look that I particularly enjoy. I prefer a more mature look to lolita coords.


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