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Comm meet: Old School at Alice Tea Salon

The style we refer to as old-school today, had its peak during the early-to-mid 2000’s. The look wasn’t as refined or elaborate as the current day lolita style, but it had an air of whimsy and nostalgia.

oldschool lolita_btssb gingham OP

Mayi and her sister Xandy organized the shoot to recreate the feel of old-school snaps. Xandy shot her photos in film, but we also took some other photos on my digital camera and our phones.

photo by Xandy

Since we did the meetup at Alice Tea Salon, I opted for an Alice-inspired coordinate. She’s always been a popular source of inspiration for lolitas, even in the earliest days of the fashion (more info can be found in Fyeahlolita’s wonderful article on the subject: Why is Lolita called Lolita?‘)

This is Bodyline’s l087 Cameo OP [original color] tea-dyed to tone down the brightness of the color. It’s now a soft, powdery blue; the cotton lace acquired a grayish tone, but I feel it’s more wearable now! I paired it with an offbrand old-school blouse and a handmade apron.

The apron is one of my earlier clumsy DIYs, made from a dress I liked despite its lack of poof. I really need to go back and re-do that, perhaps with some iron-on interfacing and proper waist ties.

photo by Xandy

Kristina also wore blue, Bodyline’s l445 Heartful Wish JSK. She switched out her headdress to a bunny-ear headband at the meet, and it went really well with her coordinate!

Pau wore an old-school BTSSB OP, down to the ringlets and headdress.


I believe her wig is from Maple Wigs. Curled ringlets were a very popular hairstyle back then; while long waves are the current trend, wig brands still produce ringlet styles in many variations.

Mayi wore pink, a lovely BTSSB JSK with princess seams, and rows of lace running down the bodice and around the hem.


It’s possible to identify Baby from the distinct lace they use, but nailing the exact release of this dress took me half an hour to not find. The closest I could get was the Cul de Paris Rose JSK; this release is from 2003, but this is one of Baby’s classic cuts with a re-release almost every year since 2001 (and possibly even earlier than that!)


Old-school blouses have a characteristic poofiness to them; they are loaded with so many details like pin-tucks, wide cotton lace, and shirring, that they are a little frumpy in fit.  Modern lolita styling revolves around a main piece with a detailed print, combined with a blouse in a matching color and a (comparatively) simple cut. Chiffon became a very popular material for blouses, with its airy feel and dazzling array of colors.

Ludee also wore BTSSB, the Baniran Ribbon Babydoll JSK from possibly as far back as 2008! It’s in beautiful condition however- the heavy cotton used in older pieces is really sturdy!


That bow is gloriously massive. The most popular headgear back in the day was the rectangle headdress (alternatively dubbed ‘the maxipad’) but helicopter bows did exist, and they were festooned with the wonderfully soft cotton lace old-school lolita was known for.

One of the reasons I like Bodyline is that no one ever cares about just sitting on the floor. ‘Machine washable’ is like music to my ears.

photo by Xandy

The day wouldn’t be complete without a bit of fun with this photo (ᅌᴗᅌ* )  sadly Ludee had to leave early, so there’s just the four of us doing the Abbey Road walk.

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