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Comm meet: Eiga Sai

With the efforts of the japanese culture community and Kimono PH, traditional clothing is now becoming easier to find. More people in the lolita community are collecting kimono pieces, so early in July we wore Wa to watch Re:Life!

Since I was planning on a bit of a walk from our meeting point, I wore layers so I could shed the sleeves if necessary. In my opinion, it’s one of the easiest ways to make a wa coord.

The hat is handmade. It still needs a bit of work; perhaps a different base would be better, but it’s perfectly sized for my large-head woes.


Camille was next to arrive. She wore a lovely printed blouse and striped skirt. I lent her the black haori, but it went really well with her base coord!

Ludee and Pau arrived next. The Sleep Doll JSK doesn’t have red in the print, but the flowers Ludee chose, resulted in a perfectly balanced coordinate. I think the white blouse is also an important element: a black blouse might not have worked as well.

Pau wore one of her dream prints – Excalibur Lolita’s ‘Night Parade of One Hundred Demons’. For her first Wa coord, she wore a yukata and a full fukuro obi! Tying a real obi is a huge effort, but I really like the colors in the piece she chose.

I had to leave in the middle of the meet, but Kris and Tina (two Kristinas!) arrived together shortly after I left.

This is Kris’ real hair! I think she owns this Bodyline print in several colors and styles, but this pink Wa set is just fantastic! There’s such a huge array of bows and flowers all over her coord- even her umbrella is a perfect match!

Tina wore a deep purple haori with a striped skirt and black, orange, and gold haori. Stripes have long been a favorite of mine, and combining it with Wa adds a Meiji-era flavor.

It’s a shame we couldn’t take a shot with everyone, but there’s always the next time! With the growing popularity of kimono, we’re sure to have another Wa meet soon.


2 thoughts on “Comm meet: Eiga Sai

  1. You all looked fantastic. Wa can be such a versatile style, either bright and colourful or muted and elegant. I’m definitely adding vintage haori shopping to my to do list for when I’m in Japan next (I have a friend there who’s pretty knowledgeable in that area, so will definitely ask for a guided tour).


    1. That sounds great! Haori are so easy to wear, even with mainstream clothes. I didn’t have enough time to visit the resale stores (downsides of group tours!) but if you have the time, it would be fun to roam around <3


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