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Comm meet: Little Flour

For the month of August, we held a meet at Little Flour in BGC to welcome Therese, from Australia! The theme was mori-kei, but July and August are the height of the rainy season, and we’d just been through a couple of typhoons and heavy flooding. That said, a surprising number of people braved the weather just to go to the meet!

I’d originally planned a different coord, but chiffon and torrential rain are a bad combination. So I went with an olive axes femme JSK with embroidery down the bodice, layers in earth tones, and practical boots.

Kristina arrived second: over here the rule of thumb when it comes to traffic, is that you will arrive either two hours too early or an hour late.

I really loved her coord: it has the homey, earthy feel of Mori-kei, but it’s still very much her style (and favorite color!) It’s an older Bodyline floral, and it’s absolutely heavy with details- pintucks, tiers, and ruffles.

She also brought along a special guest, Usakumya!


She showed us the main compartment, and we all agreed that the most that can fit in there is ‘hopes and dreams, and maybe a single tissue’. I suggested that minor surgery could create a bigger storage space, but then lobotomizing a stuffed animal is (apparently) much too radical a solution.

Roxie was next to arrive. Her coord is so light and fluttery! The frill on the blouse is so beautiful, and the pink velvet ribbon matches the flowers on her skirt.

Soft pastels and translucent fabrics are very much Rox’s style. She still made it weather-appropriate with the brown boots.

Az arrived next- and through a fun coincidence, we were both wearing the same JSK in different colorways! Since we shop at different places, ending up with the same piece is a rare occurrence in our comm. The brown boots made another appearance- they’re just a great staple piece for classic coords.


Her satchel had a pair of owls on it- just too cute! It’s the perfect bag for mori, theme-wise and color-wise.

Banni arrived next, wearing a Putumayo JSK and an Amavel blouse. It was difficult to take a proper picture of her legwear in the dim lighting, but they were from Ruby Rabbit, and had tiny stars and moons on them! At some point, Usakumya ended up with the bunny hood from Therese’s salopette, and we had them sit together for a bunny-ception picture xD

Melai arrived wearing a beautiful floral coord, featuring a JSK from Innocent World. I think this is the Chiffon Rose tiered JSK, but it’s hard to find a proper listing for IW florals.


The peignoir is just the perfect length and style, too! I’m in awe of how Rox and Melai can wear such delicate fabrics, even with the weather.

Lisa arrived next, with a coordinate on the opposite side of the color palette. Her coordinate gives me a witchy vibe, with the hairstyle and accessories. The bird skull details allude to mori’s roots in nature.

Ludee arrived next, and her coord featured Bodyline’s floral corset skirt with a wool cloche hat. I’m a huge fan of hats in coordinates, they add a great vintage feel. She decorated it with flower brooches and veiling, which amped up the Classic aspect.

Our guest of honor Therese wore AP’s Sugar Dream Dome salopette. The bunny ear hood is adorable, and so are the little pompoms at the hem! Even the headbow has big poms on it <3

Monique wore straight mori-kei. Her coordinate is rich in textures, with layers of natural fabrics. Traditionally, mori girls incorporated handmade items such as crochet and knit into their outfits, using materials found in nature.

Camille arrived wearing what everyone insisted was sax blue, but she said was grey. I think everyone was surprised (and delighted) to see her in light colors, and sunny blonde braids (her actual hair!).


She’d pinned several brooches to her hat, and they were all in earthy colors and materials like wool. The braids are such a cute look on her, haha.

It was our first time to visit Little Flour, and their servings turned out to be really generous. We had to share some of the dishes among several people, and each piece of cake could be better called a slab instead of a slice! We had a really nice experience overall; it wasn’t too noisy, and we had time to enjoy our food and have a little raffle of sorts.

We had to leave at 4pm however, because Little Flour closes early on Sundays. We decided to walk to Vanilla Cupcake Bakery, which was under a mile away.

DSC02463_wwNote that we swapped umbrellas for this shot, because not everybody has an umbrella to match their coord xD

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery is Sweet overload (aesthetic and food-wise: I usually get the Red Velvet, but tried out the Salted Caramel cupcake and found it super sweet!)


That sweetness extends to their teapots. This is just so cute.



The meet came together thanks to the efforts of Therese and Kristina. Despite the rain, it was still a fun meet and a great turnout!

Till the next time ~ (‐^▽^‐)



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