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August mini meet: There’s Something about Sunday

August 27 is National Heroes’ Day in the Philippines. Taking advantage of the holiday, we had a mini-meet at There’s Something about Sunday, on a Monday!

Photos by Mayi Rose and myself.

The place had a homey, country vibe, so we settled on a cross between Classic and Country lolita. As an afterthought, I suggested Sweet (which is what I ended up wearing). The restaurant has lots of interesting angles – every corner would suit a different substyle!


Mayi was first to arrive. She wore a blouse from Infanta, with an alphabet-print Innocent World skirt (Bisque Doll HWS)


The print is done watercolor-style, with dreamy colors and subtle gradation. It’s a wonderful piece for the summer!


I feel like hanging around Sweet-centric people is rubbing off on me. This was definitely further into Sweet territory than before: massive pink hair, a chunky necklace, and an ice cream print! The Bodyline l380 underskirt adds some length.


Ludee wore a vivid classic OP with red accessories. I think this sort of style is great for summer: cute but comfy, and really practical! The floral mini-hat is something I lent to her to complete the look, but they seem as if they were made to go with each other~


Kristina, braving the long commute from South to North, arrived wearing Classic! It goes so well with her pink hair and tights. <3


The first floor is done in pastels. The larger tables were taken, so after placing our orders we decided to check out the second floor.


At the head of the stairs is a chest of drawers, painted in a  ‘shabby chic’ look.


While the first floor was cozy and done in pastels, the second floor is brightly-colored and spacious! Each table had a different take on the decor.


Every meet that involves food, also involves the ‘Misako posing with food’ shots. Mayi ordered the Pork Korean Rice Bowl (P 118.00).


Ludee and I both ordered the Honey Sriracha (P 158.00). I’m a huge fan of spicy food, and I was expecting a kick from this- but it’s the honey that dominates the flavor. Even so, it was delicious!


Kristina got the Beef Tapa (P 158.00). All the rice dishes come with the rice molded into this adorable heart shape!


Perhaps because it was a long weekend, we had the room to ourselves for most of the afternoon! It’s a pleasant place to relax in, the ambiance and temperature were just right.


‘Till the next time! (⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡

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