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Ambeth Ocampo on ‘Villains in Philippine History’: a September mini-meet at the Ayala Museum

Not all of our meets involve food! On September 1, noted historian Ambeth Ocampo hosted History Comes Alive!: Villains in Philippine History’, continuing his popular series of public lectures at the Ayala Museum.

September brought with it a whole lot of bad weather. When there are storms queuing up to enter the country, practicality and comfort are key.


It looks a bit dramatic for a lecture, but this was made with layers in mind; the pañuelo and sleeve flounces were easy to remove for when we left the museum. The shoes had a low heel, comfortable enough to walk in!

This JSK is actually a piece I borrowed from Kristina. Due to prior obligations, we weren’t able to see each other. Poor Kris has to put up with 3-4 hours in traffic whenever we have meets!

Ludee was our host for this mini-meet. As one of the ushers, she really needed comfortable shoes! I helped her dress up her coord with the flowers <3 everyone loves flowers!

Jazz wore Axes Femme. I really love the print on her skirt- florals go with so many things. She was wearing practical flat shoes with black socks, but together it gives the illusion of boots! I’m always in awe at the distance some of our comm members travel for meets, but going for practical choices in coordinating makes the long commute easier.

I went to a different school, so I wasn’t able to take classes with Mr. Ocampo while he was at Ateneo. His enthusiasm comes through in his writing; he makes history engaging, and encourages people to read between the lines. I was so excited to see him in person, that I probably gabbled a bit- but he was still very nice, and signed the book I brought.

I should have brought more of his books, haha. Maybe next time.

We only had time to take in a couple of rooms- the Ayala Museum is so big, you need several hours to explore!  We went to the ‘Handog’ exhibit; this part is made up of gifts and loans to the museum. The most prominent works in the exhibit were Fernando Amorsolo’s paintings, but a few of them had cards explicitly disallowing photography.

‘Till the next time! (⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡


5 thoughts on “Ambeth Ocampo on ‘Villains in Philippine History’: a September mini-meet at the Ayala Museum

  1. This might be one of my favourite coords of yours, the layers work just perfectly to create this whole look. I’ll have to look up Ocampo’s books, I really like history, but struggle to find non-fiction literature that’s immersive and sucks you into reading.


    1. The most commonly available are compilations of his column in the paper. His focus is Philippine History, but it branches out into foreign relations with Japan and France. If you like longer, focused biographies that’s not really his thing, but as short pieces to inspire discussion and introspection they’re really great.

      I’m really happy you liked this coord! The JSK is lovely, there are so many textures and details in it that aren’t noticeable in stock photos.


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