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Lolita Memoíres vol. III release party

How time flies! It’s already been a year since we celebrated LM vol. II at Le Petit Souffle [link] and here we are with volume 3. The photobook itself was first distributed at Lace Up! 2018, but for those of us who weren’t able to go, Den and Ayu organized a party at There’s Something About Sunday.

DSC03050There wasn’t any particular theme for this meet. Since it was in late October, most of the comm went with black-based coords.


Roxie (@ruffle_quest) wore a super-cute JSK from Pretty Rock Baby. The strawberries in the print are so bright and juicy-looking! Roxie’s style is always feminine with larme-kei touches, and she pulled this look off really well.

Even her fandom merch matches her coordinate!  (・ω<)☆

Ger (@harajukay) showed up in full lolita. Generally, he only wears skirts when we set an Ouji-themed meet, so this was a surprise! I don’t know who said it first, but we dubbed him Tomoya-hime because of his fabulous wig (from Tomoyo and Toya of Card Captor Sakura).


I think this is a jacket he’s worn before, but it pairs up really well with the jumperskirt! It’s great to have pieces you can rely on for many different looks. Also, check out that CCS beret!

Justine (@justinechantelle) wore navy blue; it looks almost black here, but it was a brighter blue in person. It’s such a festive print, and reminds me of the upcoming holidays.

C-c-c-combo breakerrr! I don’t celebrate Halloween, so I’m usually the odd one out at these sorts of meets. I did take advantage of the private venue to go more OTT than usual, with a long hemline, fluttery peignoir, cape, and my Boguta cage petti. I also wore those shoes from Shoe Avenue

It’s a running joke in our comm that Kristina is always trying to get me to wear more bows. I do try my best, but she usually says the bow is either too small, or too flat. Now this bow is as wide as my whole head… and it still doesn’t pass her standards!

 Lisa (@thenarniancat) wore red; another combo breaker, haha. This is from Surface Spell, and in my opinion quite a difficult piece to work with. Lisa proves that there are many ways to coordinate it, by adding an overdress layer and a sash.

There are little details in Lisa’s coordinates that I try to photograph whenever possible; these shoe clips are an example. It’s a small touch but really makes a difference in the overall balance.

Tina (@claudethcloset) is a lolita we met through the sales groups. She and Kris are almost next-door neighbors, but their styles are very different! Tina seems to favor black-based coordinates, and this country-leaning Classic OP from Bodyline is really flattering. Also, the bunny bag is a cute touch!

Novelle is relatively new to our comm; I first met her at the mid-year swap meet. Since the LM release party was just after Halloween, she had some spooky touches to her coordinate. This sort of cut from Axes Femme is something that I’d deemed the ‘preggo cut’, but she looks really good in it! She bought a sheer lace dress during the meet, and after everybody spent several minutes discussing how to pin it up for the best effect, Roxanne did a mini posing demo with her.

Lauren is another new face in our comm ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ  she has such perfect hair, no need for a wig! I believe she does hair and makeup for clients; sadly I didn’t get to talk to her much, but I’m hoping to make up for that at future meets.

I love the combination of pink and blue! Mayi (@mayipuffs) wore a Leur Getter JSK. It turned out to be a replica, but it’s hard to pinpoint that when buying online. I believe the flower featured in this print is a Forget-Me-Not. This sheer blouse has little raised dots, it’s so cute!

Together, Ayu and Den make up Yu-En Cosplay (@yuen_cosplay), the duo behind the Lolita Memoires project as well as the Cosplay Anthology photobooks. Ayu wore Bodyline, one of their new releases. The little cats on the piano keys are super cute! The detail on the bottom of the dress is beading lace, not part of the print.

Franz ( wore Wa-Ouji. I’ve wanted to combine the two for a long time myself, but the difficulty is finding pieces to match. Franz’s coord reminds me of spring, with the delicate fabrics on her top and socks! I believe her accessories were handmade, from her mini hat to the fingerless lace gloves.

Last to arrive was Mayu (@mayu.macherie) who traveled all the way from ESGS (Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit – ESGS) down south in Pasay. We were worried whether or not she would make it; the three-to-four hour commute is no joke. But when she showed up, there was a round of applause (•’╻’• ۶)۶ She went for full drama, even putting on vampire fangs for the occasion. Her coord was made by  Feral KYY Line Design “Sebby Chan Shop”.

Our meets always involve at least one ridiculous picture. This time it was the Slav squat meme turning into a ‘thugs of the south’ group pose.

And of course, the traditional shoe circle:

4 thoughts on “Lolita Memoíres vol. III release party

    1. It was nice to meet you Lauren :D I wish we had more time to talk, haha. You’ll be going to the ILD celebration this December, right? We’re discussing plans for that, so we can have more of a program than the usual food-and-pictures fare.


    1. Thank you! And yes, haori are a great substitute for jackets. I believe they would go wonderfully with the long lengths of Aristo skirts. I don’t own a hakama so I can’t test the look (also the business of tying and untying it to do your business seems like a huge headache) but with a long pleated skirt it should work.


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