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ILD coordinate – Julian

For International Lolita Day, I wanted to change it up a little. Over the years, I’ve worn most of the substyles- including my nemesis Sweet, which is no longer so intimidating to wear. However, ouji is not a style I’ve been able to indulge in much.

Work in Progress – Mannequin shot

  • floral-print coat – unknown offbrand
  • gobelin vest – ju’s
  • pants – unknown offbrand
  • latte-colored blouse, maroon chiffon blouse – offbrand
  • flower brooches – apostrophe, Landmark and Foxcherry
  • necklace – offbrand
  • creepers – offbrand

Part of the reason is that I am a pear shape.

Lolita is wonderfully flattering for my body type, but whenever I venture into trying pants out again, it’s endless frustration. Curves are more common in the West, but the East thrives on small sizes. What that means for my wardrobe, is that I stick with the few basic pairs of pants that fit.

This coordinate was made around this floral coat. I talked about ‘instinctive coordinates’ before (one example being Domenica ); it feels as if the coordinate pulls itself together. I immediately knew it was meant to go with the gobelin vest I received as a gift. And they did work together- so well in fact, that they look like a single garment when combined.

These are the two major components! On their own, the fabrics used are very different; the vest is gobelin and the coat is something I can’t identify (my teachers would deck me for this) because it has qualities of jacquard, but I’m not about to open up a seam just to see what the reverse of the fabric looks like. In addition, the coat has fantasy flowers worked into the overall print.

The back of the coat features a single vent.

If I ever have a choice between single-vent and two side vents, I would pick the former because it minimizes the behind. I certainly don’t need any more padding, and side vents would create an awkward butt shelf that flaps around when I walk.

No, I’m not making that part up. Here’s an article to prove it. Even with a long  coat, it’s not possible to hide everything. But diet and exercise will take time, and I just needed to have something to wear that day.

See what I mean about the fabric? It’s a peculiar thing- not canvas, or any of the fabrics I handle on a normal basis. It’s wrinkle-resistant, not too warm, and the color is absolutely vibrant.

The buttons are real metal – they have a solid heft to them that’s a nice change from the painted plastic metallic buttons on some of my other stuff. Taobao has its virtues, but plastic buttons are not my favorite thing in the world. Each button bears a lion and a crown with a banner unfurling underneath.

The last detail of note is the cuffs. This isn’t a full cuff; the outer part of the sleeve is cut long, and the half-cuff is folded into the seam. It’s an unusual touch, but the effect is really nice. It slims the shape of the arm, but you still get the detail bonus of having cuffs.

When worn

When worn; not by a mannequin but by an actual human, with hips and whose high-school skinny days are long past, and sees garments without shirring as slow death by strangulation – it would not work with just the one blouse. I don’t have the legs to pull that off.

There needed to be something, anything, to cover up the awkwardly long gap from the hem of the short vest (ideal for lolita, bad for ouji) to the crotch seam. If these were low rise pants, there’d be a catastrophic gap exposing skin, and all hell would break loose and bathe the land in fire.

No. There must be some attempts at sanity.

The easiest, quickest, and most painless solution is another layer. Since I don’t own a cummerbund (bless that particular item of men’s fashion, may the various lolita brands please take a hint and start pumping them out in a variety of styles) a maroon blouse added that necessary, sanity-saving several inches to the waist, and also added a bit of detail with the lace peeking out from under the coat sleeves.

And that’s it! We’re still in the early days of December, but I’ve already made my resolutions for the next year, which includes not being a potato and getting in shape. Enjoying my job and riding Rank 1 of Ice Spear won’t do me any good if I outgrow all my pants.

Till next time!

4 thoughts on “ILD coordinate – Julian

  1. That is some VERY clever layering indeed. Ouji feels simultaneously trickier and easier to do offbrand – depending on how your waist-to-hip ration works with trousers where you live and how nice are the trousers that you can get. I’m an hourglass and abandoned trousers altogether a few years back because I just *hate* how they dig into my belly (it’s either this or have them fall off and have a belt dig in instead). You’ve done an excellent job and with hair and makeup it’s so spot on! I feel like you’re missing a fancy walking stick to lean on and be like “Ready for a morning stroll, m’lady?” <3


    1. My waist-to-hip ratio is unfortunate (again: pear) and it’s getting to the point where I’m shooting furtive glances at comically large harem pants, envious of the elastic waistbands. If the interest in ouji continues to grow, it might actually become A Thing someday! Hasn’t Baby put out increasingly voluminous pants, with Meta backing them up with JSK cuts that double as extra-long fancy vests?

      Regarding the waistband problem, have you tried using wider belts or even corsets to help keep the pants in place? Sometimes a narrow band feels suffocating, but a wider belt distributes the pressure somewhat. You could also try suspenders! I’ve found a few at vintage shops that had really fancy prints; they’re hidden under outerwear when worn, but as support they would work very well.

      I’m glad you liked this! Honestly, I wouldn’t say no to a fancy walking stick if I found one, but for ILD I was juggling a trolley and several parcels, so a stick would have been one more thing to carry XD


  2. Loving the ouji coord! ❤ The floral coat is so pretty. I also tried out ouji recently and am surprised how difficult it is to find things that go together and fit me well. Definitely not as easy as it looks.


    1. Thank you! <3 I'd love to see your take on ouji. Even with a go-to pair of basic pants, it was hard to pull off without it being very butler-cos XD like you said, fit is very important.


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