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ILD Winter 2018: A wild (tea) party

Over the past few years, our comm has been growing at a steady pace. Though we’ve had large turnouts at our yearly anniversary celebrations (such as Lace Up! 2018) due to conflicting schedules, ILD parties are usually sit-down affairs with a light meal and casual chatter.   Not this time!

When we counted the potential attendees, we realized we couldn’t simply converge on the restaurant as per our typical M.O. Luckily, Le Petit Souffle at SM Megamall has a private room that seats 30 people; although if you took the ‘poof allowance’ into consideration, it would really only fit 20 people.


Since there were several new faces in the comm, we settled for our usual ‘winter/holiday’ theme to make it easy for everybody. Most showed up wearing red, but there were several c-c-c-combo breaker!! coordinates in blue and white.

Our comm has two girls named Camille, and that day they decided to wear dresses in similar  red colorways. Camille (@camellianoir) was the first to arrive, wearing a burgundy OP with a white blouse and black beret. She had a grey wig initially, but gave it up for comfort. Chinese wigs are just so tiny! Our comm is pretty laid-back when it comes to matching, because the commute is brutal, and it’s not fun if you get headaches or injuries at a meet. Personally, I think her hair color looks really cool with the vivid colors of her coord.

Justine (@justine_chantelle) arrived next. This Secret Honey OP has become her unofficial Winter ILD uniform; this time she coordinated it with the overdress she wore at Lace Up.

We’ve always had a lack of oujis in the comm, so this time I decided to break out that long floral brocade coat I’d been saving for cooler weather. I’d been sitting on this find for some time; I loved how vivid the print was, and it has several beautiful details in the tailoring, but a coat is still a coat. I hung around underneath the air-conditioning vents whenever possible, since I also wore two blouses and a gobelin vest under the coat. Nevertheless, it was worth the effort; the others had a good laugh, and it’s fun to be an Ouji accessory once in a while.

Dan was next to arrive –  one of our new members, but their coordinate is already on point with the colors and floof! Although it’s a simple coordinate, there are little touches of color like the red bow pin and the handmade hair accessories (check out their shop, GleamTrove!) Red and brown is such a relaxing combination, it reminds me of chocolate and black forest cake.

Jazz (@reviecroix7) wore Bodyline’s classic corset skirt, and a beautiful burgundy blouse from Lazada. We’ve been getting lots of Taobao stuff on Lazada lately, but it’s a bit of a risk to buy from unknown sellers. This is such a nice coordinate for the season!

Cams (@cammille_ong) arrived next, wearing burgundy to twin with Camille! She lent her the headbow to go with the red OP, and this vivid color goes really well with the seasonal feel.

Mayi (@mayipuffs) arrived next, wearing a floral JSK from Angelic Pretty. I’m not sure which year this was released, but it’s a lovely thick cotton and very fluffy. Her earrings are tiny roses, and her necklace is another rose in a bell jar! Mayi’s coordinates are always wearable, but the details are pristine (´∀`)♡

Ger (@harajukay) wore a skirt from Bodyline with a sailor top and sheer overdress; the colorful vibe of the whole outfit screams fairy kei! Stripes and sweets are such an adorable combo. I’m not that familiar with Sweet releases or Bodyline’s print history (that would be Kris’ area of specialization) but it’s nice to see bold colors like this.

It’s pretty much a sure bet that Kris (@bowverlord) will show up in Sweet; but since this is a special occasion, there were even more bows than usual and she had a whole (tiny but functional) carousel on her head. It’s a music box, and her whole look with the Bodyline main piece matched the holiday decor perfectly ♡

Tina (@claudethcloset) and Kris went to the meet together. It’s nice having frilly neighbors! Then again, if you’re constantly exposed to tempting new things, your wallet suffers… She also wore Sweet, but it’s an old-school take on the style with less emphasis on prints. Her super cute cat-ear hooded cape is also from Bodyline.

Lisa (@thenarniancat) wore a beautiful print from SouffleSong, ‘Magic Night Museum’. This is the drawstring bustle version of the JSK, and I wish I’d taken several closeups of the design, because my blurry photo doesn’t do it justice. Whenever SS works golden frames into a print, I appreciate how the elements remain crisp and precise. Lisa is one of those in the comm with a super cohesive wardrobe; she loves red and black, so the rose accessories go with lots of coordinates!

Ayu and Den (@yuen_cosplay) arrived next; at this point I think this is the point where a lot of people were coming in and I was called away to tend to my host duties. So I wasn’t able to take proper coord photos of them Σ(・Д・)!?  Ayu wore an main piece she bought from an acquaintance; I think it might be a taobao rendition of AP’s University OP. The ushanka was handmade! Den wore all-offbrand with a hat from Fancy Moi.

Franz ( wore a lolita version of her wa-ouji look from the Lolita Memoires. I’ve worn haori with lolita before, but from the sheer quality of the fabric and the stitching, I believe this is a han-juban; juban meaning under-robe under a kimono, and han referring to the top-and-skirt combo instead of a full robe.

While this is bending the rules somewhat, this isn’t anywhere near traditional kitsuke so I think this is a great way to get more use out of a piece! There are some very lovely juban in sheer-weave silk for the summer, maybe I should take another look at some of mine and dress them up for lolita…

Ludee (@ludee.vee) came straight from work, changing into her coord at the venue. Much of the high energy at the meet was due to her being the host. She’s really come a very long way since joining our comm less than a year ago; some people just click together, and in our group she feels almost like family.

This BTSSB JSK was from her first swap meet with the comm. For a comm that rarely buys things brand new, it’s kind of amazing that we still ended up with enough pieces to twin or even form squads! Mayi also has this piece, but in her signature orange.

This is Shawntel’s (@shawnteljoyt) second(?) meet, but it was my first time to see her, since I wasn’t at Lace Up! 2018 where she modeled for Kana Mori Designs. She’s wearing a main piece from Secret Honey with a pattern of stripes and a fantasy landscape. The stars in the print tie in with the stars on her tights! Her winter-themed accessories also go well with the muted tones of the SH print ~

Pau (@crystalfuyu) wore a JSK from Moonlight Forest, featuring cute animals; only because it’s the Horror Red colorway, there’s a gory twist to the cuteness. Better watch your little stuffed rabbit to keep it from being possessed / ( ÒㅅÓ)\ Even her fandom mobile shrine itabag matched her coordinate! I was really glad to see Pau again, as she’d been having health problems lately. Even so, she was still MVP in the games we hosted, as you’ll see further down the post!

Tiffany ( and wore a long black skirt with a cute dessert print! I always appreciate sweet pieces like this that have a chic edge- it’s adorable, but modern enough to wear with sharp pieces like blazers. That said, her combination with the red blouse is very cozy-looking (°◡°♡).:。

Lauren (@laurendalao) and her sister Cornelia arrived during the Gift exchange portion of our program. They’re both new to our comm, but their coordinates are already on point with the color and poof! Lauren here is wearing blue; I believe this was a set designed by Ayano of Feral KYY Line Design (local).

Let the games begin

Several days before the meet, Ludee and I decided to put together a program to liven up the meet, and help the newbies feel more comfortable. We ended up hosting traditional party games, but with a lolita twist. She took the mic, while I hovered in the background making wisecracks and tending to the prize pool with Franz and Justine.

 To start off, we had Bring Me! In the first round, Ludee asked for ‘bows’. We all knew that resident @bowverlord Kristina would have more bows than everybody else combined; so she was deemed ineligible for this round, to peals of laughter from the rest of the group. In the succeeding rounds, she asked for ‘brand’, which Mayi won, proudly displaying her AP JSK; followed by ‘food’, which Dan won with the tiny hair accessories they’d made from air dry clay.

For the next round, we had ‘The Boat is Sinking’– only with Ludee at the mic, it became ‘Bodyline is having a sale’, with the featured brand cycling every succeeding round. I was secretly glad that the room was closed off, because we were loud. Little kids at birthday parties don’t hold a candle to a flock of grown women (and men) shrieking and laughing at the quick-fire pace of each round. Friendships were temporarily forgotten; if this had been a real sale and a real GO, I guess the people dropped from the early rounds were poor souls whose dream items sold out.

(There is no picture evidence of this, because I can’t embed video here and everyone was way too distracted to remember to take still pictures.)

After the enthusiastic backstabbing energy of the first two games, we took a quick break. Our set menu for the afternoon included slices of Burnt Crust Cheesecake (in lieu of the Matcha cheesecake which the staff said had been phased out), Life- Changing Brownies (sadly, I cannot eat chocolate), and Matcha Lattes. I missed the matcha cheesecake, but was otherwise happy with the burnt crust. Most of those who tried the brownies found them a bit too sweet to be truly ‘life-changing’.

photo by Tiffany Co

The next segment was something I prepared: Guess the Dress. Since the comm veterans would recognize stock photos on sight, we organized the audience into three sub-groups with the vets equally distributed among them, and allowed them to choose their own names. We had ‘Mana’s Children’, ‘Angelic Petty’, and ‘Campanilla’. To make the game more difficult, I took pictures from the EGL wardrobe posts and edited out brand tags whenever necessary.

We started off with easy guesses, popular releases like the iconic Gathered Chiffon JSK from AATP and Misty Sky from Angelic Pretty. The slides immediately after those ramped up the difficulty. With every round, people got closer and closer to the screen to scrutinize the details, until I had to holler for them to move back and give us some air.

snapshot from Tiffany Co

We went back in time to releases as early as 2006(?), including several long-sold out Bodyline releases, which Kristina aced. The two dresses that stumped everybody were Porz Kerchief from AATP and British Shorthair from Pumpkin Cat. Even with a time-out to allow the other groups to catch up, ‘Mana’s children’- truly blessed by Mana-sama – dominated the Guess the Dress contest.

The final game was Pinoy Henyo, which is the local name for guessing games. It was surprisingly difficult to guess names of lolita icons like Misako, but once we added a charades element it was much easier to guess things like cage petticoats and rocking horse shoes.

We had our usual exchange of gifts at that point. During this time of year, most people have several places to put their money, but everyone came through for the exchange. Several novelty gifts were the subject of much entertainment: I went home with a pair of plush gingerbread men and a couple of snowmen, with a challenge from the rest of the group to somehow work them into a coordinate.

photo by Den Takahara

It’s true that I’ve been making baby steps toward wearing Sweet, but plush gingerbread… maybe I could use them as hair accessories? If it were Kris, it wouldn’t even be a stretch as she had a whole music box on her head, apart from her usual arsenal of bows.

I’m not one to wimp out on a challenge, but gingerbread… it needs some thought. And probably several sticks of hot glue, haha.


We forgot to take the shoe circle pictures; then again, there probably isn’t enough space for that anywhere in the restaurant. But at least we had the traditional group photo!

Thank you to Le Petit Souffle for having us that afternoon, and thank you for reading this far! I hope you had a happy ILD as well.

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