Events and meetups

ILD Winter 2018: A wild (tea) party

Over the past few years, our comm has been growing at a steady pace. Though we’ve had large turnouts at our yearly anniversary celebrations (such as Lace Up! 2018) due to conflicting schedules, ILD parties are usually sit-down affairs with a light meal and casual chatter. Not this time!

Events and meetups

Lolita Memoíres vol. III release party

How time flies! It's already been a year since we celebrated LM vol. II at Le Petit Souffle [link] and here we are with volume 3. The photobook itself was first distributed at Lace Up! 2018, but for those of us who weren't able to go, Den and Ayu organized a party at There's Something… Continue reading Lolita Memoíres vol. III release party

Events and meetups

Post-event: Cosplay Mania 2018 and a super secret convention survival tip

Conventions have been holiday staples in the local scene, but I stopped going to them after I started wearing lolita full-time. This is partly because I decided to keep my hobbies separate, so when I get the inevitable 'do you cosplay?' question, I could truthfully say that I did not.