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Comm meet: International Museum Day and Erwin Wurm

Last Sunday, we went to the Ayala Museum for International Museum Day (May 20). The museum features modern works - after some general waffling we settled on a general theme of 'art'. Even so I was stumped, until I had the epiphany that punk is part of the modern artistic movement. If the ordinary person… Continue reading Comm meet: International Museum Day and Erwin Wurm

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Comm meet: Little Tokyo

I think almost every country has a Little Tokyo. In the Philippines, one such place is in Makati. Kat suggested that we have dinner at a popular restaurant called Kikufuji, and everyone jumped at the chance to do a Wa themed meet! Since it was a hot day then (34°C) most of us opted for… Continue reading Comm meet: Little Tokyo

Events and meetups

Comm meet: Antique Fairy Tales

This 2018 my comm started a series of activities to raise funds for our big anniversary meet in October. For January, we had a photoshoot meet themed around fairy tales. There were three photographers and nine participants, with Monique and Justine in charge of organization and B-roll photos. Photo by For the shoot I… Continue reading Comm meet: Antique Fairy Tales