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ILD Summer 2019: Reiwa, Dawn of the New Era

Sometimes, it’s as if our comm has a shared consciousness. Although I gave a few suggestions for coordinating based on the venue we’d picked (TuanTuan, a Chinese-French brasserie) nobody expected the turnout to be almost perfect synchronization.

Photos by Elliot Robles (@elliot_robles), Mayi Rose (@mayipuffs), and Nix Uy.

I was the host for this meet, and since Gofuku no Hi (Kimono Day) was May 29, I decided to wear one of my recent purchases. There’s a bit of a story behind this coordinate, which should probably go in another post to keep this one on topic.

  • children’s kimono – bought secondhand from Sam Khloey
  • blouse – Bodyline Royal Jabot (l370)
  • food deco brooch – handmade by Camille
  • skirt – Bodyline l353
  • lace knee socks – Jessica Simpson
  • shoes – Clarks
  • hat – handmade, with flowers from Landmark and Apostrophe
  • brooches – striped ribbon brooch is from Landmark, the merch pin is from one of my fandoms

The pattern prominently features the Rising Sun Flag (旭日旗) motif, a classic element that’s been around since the Edo period. There are also other variations of the flag (such as the current ‘sun’ design) and a check pattern, on a base of vivid sky blue.

  • Skirt: Triple Fortune
  • JSK: (worn as an underdress) Spider
  • Blouse: DreamV
  • Socks: Daiso
  • Shoes: thrifted
  • Accessories: Atelier ad Astra / vintage

IG: @mayipuffs

Mayi was next to arrive, wearing her signature orange with this Triple Fortune skirt. Despite the vivid hues, this piece seems really versatile because of the range in its color palette. It is also quite lightweight and airy, which is wonderful with our weather. With all that, it’s still a surprise to see Mayi wearing black; maybe we should organize more Gothic meets?

  • Kanzashi and brooches: handmade from Fancy Moi
  • Top and inner JSK: Offbrand
  • Skirt: Sweetie Pipiya (Taobao)
  • Socks: Forever 21
  • Shoes: QueenBee
  • Bag: Offbrand

IG: @ruffle_quest

Roxie’s coordinate integrates merchandise of her sword boys into her Wa-themed look! This Sweetie Pipiya skirt features Hyakki Yagyō, (百鬼夜行) “Night Parade of One Hundred Demons”. Excalibur Lolita started the craze with their 2016 release of the same name, but since then many other brands have continued the trend.

Pau’s elegant coordinate is based around a velvet Mary Magdalene OP. The lines are simple, but she says the construction and fit is flawless. It looks so elegant, and I loved how she added old-world touches with the cameos and hat!

Since Pau is a new mother, she brought her adorable son along to the meet! She says this OP is quite convenient for nursing her baby.

  • OP – Mary Magdalene
  • boots – Bodyline s506
  • socks – Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
  • accessories and hat – offbrand

IG: @crystalfuyu

  • skirt – Excalibur, ‘Night Parade of One Hundred Demons’
  • blouse – Axes Femme
  • ‘vest’ is actually an Axes Femme JSK worn over the blouse and under the skirt
  • kanzashi, skull headbows – Fancy Moi!
  • large headbow: Dorotee Sweetlips
  • calligraphy-print sheer robe, socks, shoes – offbrand
  • bag – Liz Lisa

IG: @bowverlord

Kristina, our overlord of bows, is also a master of layers. In this heat, she somehow had all these on and still looked great. I was really curious about the text on the robe she was wearing- I’m almost sure it’s a poem or a prayer, but Camille joked that it could be something like a menu too.

The bunny puffball charm on her bag matches her hairstyle! I love all the little details in her coordinates.

  • JSK – Bodyline l348
  • blouse – Bodyline
  • shoes – Bodyline
  • socks are offbrand
  • accessories – Dorotee Sweetlips

Tina went full Kuro with her coordinate! This is a really nice piece from Bodyline – the beading lace at the bottom adds a sweet element, but on its own this JSK is versatile, has massive room for poof, and very sturdy. The two-tone hair is straight up Punk, but it goes so well with an all-black outfit.

  • skirt – Souffle’s Song, ‘Vatican Moonlight’
  • blouse – Arrow
  • blazer – SM Department Store
  • ribbon pin – Fancy Moi!
  • flower clip – Cutie Creator
  • fascinator headband – Landmark
  • tights – Forever21
  • shoes – Sosic
  • bag – Mu-Fish

IG: @vanellea.chai.latte

Lisa wore a lovely coordinate with a painting print skirt from Souffle’s Song, ‘Vatican Moonlight.’ SS has a so-so reputation for its low price point, but I feel they put out pieces that feel sturdy enough to wear during the daily commute. Sometimes, when something is too precious, it seems almost impossible to wear: not so with Souffle’s Song! The material is light and airy, and the cotton lining they use for skirts makes hardly any noise compared to polyester.

I feel like Lisa’s coordinate has an intentional Harry Potter-esque flavor to it. After all, TuanTuan is where we held our HP-themed meet for Harry’s birthday. Blue lipstick is tricky, but it works well with the overall feel of her coordinate (and her real hair!)

Sol’s dress features cats! This is a print from Honey Honey, which she coordinated with a white beret and cat-head bag. White and deep blue are always a great combination.

I do wish I got to talk with her more! At larger meets, people tend to trickle in instead of arriving all at once. I usually only get to talk with the new arrivals for a little while, getting their orders and so on. I hope that at the next meet we’ll be able to have a longer chat!

It’s been such a long time since I got to see Camille again! She wore pieces from local designers in the jfashion community! Ero tends to be highly divisive in style, but I think her look is wonderful. In terms of coverage it’s about the same as a typical gothic coordinate, but it’s the accessories and details that make it ero.

  • dress – Roselix OP from Dorotee Sweetlips (local designer)
  • body harness – Militia from Dark Sweet Soul (local designer)
  • blouse and accessories are offbrand

She’s also one of the taller girls in our comm, so we share the same hemline woes. The Roselix OP is one of the few pieces that is long enough for tall lolitas, though due to the white backing and rather delicate fabric, some care is needed to keep it looking perfect.

If Sol’s coordinate was all about cats, Ainie’s look is a modern take on this poodle JSK! She did the wig styling on her own and it just goes so well with the stylized artwork on the dress.

  • Offbrand inner shirt
  • Ank Rouge Dress
  • Bodyline L369 as underskirt

The little touches like the puffball on her shoes and the translucent socks are great, too! This look is so much fun.

  • JSK – Alice and the Pirates
  • witch hat – hatahhatah
  • blouse – Forever21
  • heart pendant necklace – giftsoftheearthph
  • skull necklace – handmade by Mr. Ehl Bongbong
  • shoes – zapateria

IG: @mythical_leisure

Melai’s coordinate is also kuro, but she styled it with subtly witchy elements and pieces from local and indie brands! For example, hatahhatah is a popular shop that specializes in cute animal-ear and anime hats and beanies for the con-going crowd, but I didn’t know they made subtler pieces like this lovely felt hat.

Franz’s coord:

  • JSK – a defunct brand, Small Cat House
  • Blouse, haori,and socks are all offbrand
  • Shoes – Sosic
  • Hat and accessories are from her brand Fancy Moi!

Michelle’s coord:

  • JSK – Fancy Moi! Dark Garden series
  • Blouse and shoes are offbrand
  • Hairclip – Fancy Moi!

Franz and Michelle arrived together. Franz has been super busy ever since she started the brand Fancy Moi!, starting with accessories and eventually branching out into full clothing collections. I’ve been to several of their runway shows and every collection is always different from the rest. Barely a few years in and I think she’s produced enough apparel and accessories to dress half the comm!

I’ve been such a scatterbrain – I still don’t have coordinate details for Mae’s coordinate, and she looks so cute in it!

It’s a lower-poof velveteen OP paired with a country-feel bonnet. She really pulled off the difference in materials, I think!

  • skirt – offbrand
  • komon kimono
  • socks – offbrand
  • shoes – Metamorphose
  • accessories – offbrand

Jazz coordinated her long pleated skirt with a lined komon kimono; a komon is a kimono with an all-over print. In terms of formality, it is considered a ‘daily wear’ piece. I wasn’t able to ask Jazz if her piece was lined (awase) or unlined (hitoe) – outside of Japan and formal settings such as tea ceremony, the rules are much more relaxed! I love the combination of patterns in her coordinate, and her hairstyle pulls it all together wonderfully.

A personal note

It’s been almost a full year since this meetup, and I’m sorry for being so slow with updates. I still do wear lolita, but my day-to-day life in an office job rarely allows the opportunity to have pictures taken, or to go all-out with my coordinates as I used to.

Sometimes I can’t even be bothered to wear a petticoat, or socks. Sometimes my shoes are plain ballet flats. I’ve missed wardrobe post season for the past two years.

I still do love the clothes, and the friends I’ve made in the fashion – but with other aspects of the community, it feels like I’ve burned out. I was sorely disappointed in how some people value their ego over the welfare of others. The constant one-upping, infighting, and oceans of salt over a fashion that was meant to be for fun, and meant to bring you joy… it just gets exhausting.

Thank you, fellow frillies, who have been with me on this journey so far. I will still post once in a while, but it probably won’t be regular updates like before.

2 thoughts on “ILD Summer 2019: Reiwa, Dawn of the New Era

  1. It’s amazing how your community is so much on the same wavelength sometimes. From what I remember, you often end up if not matching in coordinates without planning to, then at least getting very similar vibes to your coordinates. And I’m always impressed how any of you layer as well as you do, but then I do live in a much colder place, so the mere idea of temperatures over 20*C put me off layers lol. I feel you on the lack of time to wear and/or photograph outfits – once you start working full-time, it really becomes something you have to consciously remember to do and even plan ahead, so that you can make adjustments to your day to allow for that. But as long as you enjoy the times when you do frill up and the time spent with your community, then that’s all that matters. :)


  2. I love your unique layered coords and really appreciate the time and thought put into every post. Ever since I first found your blog, I have been inspired to take my coords to the next level (as the occasion permits of course.) Your community is very vibrant and creative as well. I completely understand real life competing for your time and energy, though, I don’t think anyone can blame people putting the fashion on the side. Wishing you the best for future endeavors!


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